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iopsys developed by Inteno offers the most innovative and game changing gateway solutions in the market. With iopsys, the operators do not have to stop at triple play offerings to their customers. New services can easily be added, covering areas such as Home automation and media, Home care, Home security and surveillance and Smart grid. With iopsys in the gateway operators and service provider gains increased control and management of the gateway install base. This will reduce service and maintenance costs and increase the end-customer experience.

The iopsys software suite offers one of the first true ecosystem programs for residential gateways. Third party software providers may port their existing or new applications to the iopsys operating system using the iopsys SDK. iopsys become the Service Delivery Platform of the operator and makes it possible to attract more customers and strengthen the operators brand through a more diverse service offering.

iopsys is developed around, and combines the Board Support Package (BSP) and the OpenWrt open source distribution. Both have their benefits and iopsys combines the best of both stacks. For more information visit the experience tab below.