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- iopsys Version 4.0.3[edit]

  • Refs # 10982 Type Software Development issue>EX400 Router Mode

comments: EX400 Router Mode Missing functions - Configuring VLAN's via GUI not working - Abstraction layer - UCI datamodel for VLANs - Some Wireless statistics are not available in MTK as it is available in Broadcom - DHCP option 132 is not supported #12246 - WPS issues in GUI #12276 and #12277

  • Refs # 11192 Type Bugg issue>EX400: patch netifd to set macaddress of bridge to apcli interface if it is in the bridge

comments: Patched netifd so that a bridge inherits the mac from an apcli or apclii interface.

  • Refs # 11353 Type Bugg issue>EX400 Applying Parental Rule crash Iptables

comments: Fixed so that JUCI adds parentalcontrol rules correct and made them work as expected.

  • Refs # 11392 Type Software Development issue>Easy wifi setup Repetear ex400, step 2

comments: Applied changes according to "EX400 test CF_Updat2_20170330.pptx":

- now only two different modes are available: router/extender, extender uses 5GHz
- router mode setup gives you the option to have separate ssids for 2.4GHz and 5GHz, they will use the same password
- images explaining the different modes added
- button for skipping the setup added - goes to overview page without making any changes to default state
  • Refs # 11435 Type Bugg issue>EX400: Multi BSS (Multiple SSID) support is not working

comments: EX400: Multiple SSIDs on 2.4 and 5G wifi devices is supported.

  • Refs # 11445 Type Bugg issue>EX400: No LED flashing if Simple WEBGUI

comments: EX400: When connect repeater to a master from webgui the LED's are flashing to indicate change from Router -> Repeater Mode.

  • Refs # 11672 Type Bugg issue>EX400: disabled wifi radio has strange values

comments: JUCI: Wireless Radios Channel is no N/A on diabled radios.

  • Refs # 11751 Type Bugg issue>EX400 Portal integration (packages not automagically installed)

comments: EX400: Portal integration is now fixed, packages installed from portal executed on the cpe.

  • Refs # 11753 Type Bugg issue>ex400: uboot can not mount rootfs

comments: EX400: Bootloader updated due large UBIFS journal.

  • Refs # 11756 Type Change request issue>EX400 LED flash to indicate failed WPS

comments: EX400: If WPS repeater pairing fails all LED's blinking simultaneous for ~10 seconds. Then the CPE will go back to the previous state.

  • Refs # 11784 Type Feature request issue>WiFi Radio : Force-Auto-Channel-Selection (MTK), GUI, UBUS

comments: Added button to trigger auto-channel scan on wifi radios.

  • Refs # 11825 Type Bugg issue>WIFI Repeaters avoid uplink to another repeater

comments: Repeater doesn't allow clients to connect on the downlink SSIDs if it cannot arping the default route.

  • Refs # 11831 Type Bugg issue>EX400 assigns channel 13

comments: EX400: For 2.4 GHz radio auto channels are 1,6 and 11.

  • Refs # 11858 Type Bugg issue>WEBGUI: On EX400 tried to turn off 2.4 GHz radio

comments: EX400: 2.4 GHz radio can be disabled and enabled from web GUI. 5 GHz radio can also be enabled/disabled from web GUI.

  • Refs # 11859 Type Bugg issue>EX400 does not go into extender mode automatically when plugged in behind a non Inteno gateway

comments: EX400/Extender: EX400 autoswitch to extender mode on a public network. Both radios SSIDs are the same as before and are in AP mode. Login on WAN IP address goes to GUI overview page.

  • Refs # 11931 Type Bugg issue>EX400 as repeater has problems when channel 116 is chosen by router / extender (Block channel selection of channel 116 - 128 to avoid 10min CAC timer)

comments: EX400/Repeater: Autochannel sections higher than 112 are blocked.

  • Refs # 11941 Type Bugg issue>EX400 Router turns LED shows its a repeater

comments: If public ip is detected on wan EX400 goes into fully routed mode with green led. If private ip is detected on wan EX400 keeps repeater-ready but still shows green led as long as its routed.

  • Refs # 11994 Type Bugg issue>UPnP port forwarding does not close port

comments: EX400: UPnP port is closed after lease time have expired.

  • Refs # 12002 Type Bugg issue>EX400 becomes bricked

comments: EX400: Bootloader updated.

  • Refs # 12067 Type Bugg issue>EX400: netmode-wizard scan only channel 36-48

comments: Fixed issue "Scan results not showing all scanned APs".

  • Refs # 12085 Type Bugg issue>EX400: extender reconnects as repeater after master upgrade/reboot

comments: The repeater/extender reconnects to master in the expected way, if the master reboots or is reinstalled.

  • Refs # 12093 Type Bugg issue>Error in GUI: WET interface is showing 2.4GHz even if it is 5GHz

comments: GUI now shows correct frequency on wifi-wireless page.

  • Refs # 12109 Type Bugg issue>EX400: USB drive does not mount automatically

comments: EX400: USB drive is automatically mounted and presented in the webgui.

  • Refs # 12132 Type Bugg issue>EX400: wifi encryption not working for additional SSID's

comments: EX400/Router mode: Extra SSID encryption for WPA/WPA2 and WPA2 is now working. Encryption method WEP is not working and clients cannot be connected

  • Refs # 12159 Type Bugg issue>EX400: changing wpa key from netmode wizard fails

comments: EX400/Netmode-wizard: Known issue When Router mode is selected, webpage will directly go to Overview page without no restart. Making Router mode credentials page work is to be handled in ticket #12336

  • Refs # 12193 Type Bugg issue>Inteno Mail does not work on the PC connected to LAN

comments: Changed the default rebind_protection value to 0

  • Refs # 12225 Type Bugg issue>OwnIT FG500vs EX400 interop

comments: EX400/Extender: Interoperability with FG500 as Master FG500 as master and EX400 as extender. Zero touch with cable LAN -> WAN works. EX400 has address on LAN and own SSIDs.

  • Refs # 12238 Type Bugg issue>EX400: 2nd repeater WPS pairing issue when 2nd repeater is closer to 1st repeater than master

comments: EX400/Repeater Mode: Known Issue Adding a second Repeater to the Master with WPS sometimes fails, and CPE reverts back to routed mode. Workaround is to temporary power off the first connected repeater when adding a second repeater to the master. After connection the first repeater can be power on again.

  • Refs # 12239 Type Bugg issue>EX400: Extra SSIDs on master not replicated to repeater

comments: EX400/Repeater Mode: Extra SSID created on the Master are replicated to the Repeater.

  • Refs # 12242 Type Bugg issue>EX400: routed mode, WPS not enabled, but button active

comments: EX400/Router Mode: WPS is enabled by default.

  • Refs # 12246 Type Bugg issue>EX400: IUP option 43, 132 and vendor class missing in WAN connection

comments: EX400/Router Mode: DHCP options 43 66 67 128 224 225 226 is supported and configured as default. Note that option 132 is not supported due to VLAN functionality is not implemented yet. #10982

  • Refs # 12248 Type Bugg issue>EX400: MiniDLNA and UPnP are enabled by default

comments: EX400/Router Mode: Services MiniDLNA and UPnP is disabled by default.

  • Refs # 12275 Type Bugg issue>Automatic recovery if WIFI Uplink go down, reboot after min 5min downtime

comments: EX400:Extender/Repeater mode, Automatic recovery after 5 minutes downtime of WiFi up-link.

  • Refs # 12278 Type Bugg issue>EX400: NAT connection table empty

comments: EX400/Router mode: NAT Connection Table in GUI corrected.

  • Refs # 12288 Type Bugg issue>EX400: netifd trying to access nvram

comments: EX400: False netifd logs when trying to access nvram removed.

  • Refs # 12313 Type Bugg issue>EX400 as extender does not have beam forming turned on

comments: EX400: Beam Forming is enabled by default both for Extender and Router mode.

  • Refs # 12335 Type Bugg issue>EX400 router mode: IUP provisioning fails to apply configuration

comments: EX400/Router Mode: IUP option128 tested and working.

  • Refs # 12341 Type Bugg issue>EX400: 4.0.3 Known Issues

comments: Know Issues within release 4.0.3

  1. 12238 2nd repeater WPS pairing issue when 2nd repeater is closer to 1st repeater than master
  2. 12159 Netmode-wizard: When Router mode is selected, webpage will directly go to Overview page without no restart. Feature Request #12336 will add that function
  3. 12394 SW upgrade with keep settings not working in repeater/extender mode
  4. 12402 Router mode Broadband LED is not lit when WAN-cable is disconnected
  5. 12404 Router mode WAN widget in GUI show Link UP when WAN-cable is disconnected
  • Refs # 12345 Type Bugg issue>EX400 firmware or software upgrade via TR069

comments: EX400: Corrected sysupgrade when a url is given as input file.

  • Refs # 12375 Type Bugg issue>EX400: Zero touch to extender mode leaves apclii0 in br-wan

comments: EX400/Extender mode: WiFi interface is not connect to the wan-bridge when CPE configured as a Extender (wired to the master-cpe).

  • Refs # 12394 Type Bugg issue>EX400: sw upgrade with keep settings not working in repeater/extender mode

comments: EX400:Extender/Repeater mode corrected issue with sw upgrade keep settin

- iopsys Version 4.0.2[edit]

  • Refs # 10924 Type Feature request issue>EX400 as multicast station/client (ZAP100C replacement)

comments: EX400 support for IPTV transmission over 5G WiFi uplink to LAN connected STB

  • Refs # 11199 Type Feature request issue>Update of hostfile for browser redirect to WEBGUI

comments: Updated hostfile for enable of redirect to WEBGUI

  • Refs # 11229 Type Bugg issue>EX400: sysupgrade do not keep the configuration

comments: sysupgrade can now keep config for software upgrade

  • Refs # 11310 Type Bugg issue>EX400: Not optimal WIFI TP

comments: Hardware acceleration enabled to improve throughput

  • Refs # 11362 Type Feature request issue>Repeater/Extender detect public IP and revert open ports (Security update)

comments: Added hottplug script that detects if box wan IP is public and closes the port opened by repeater setup.

  • Refs # 11370 Type Bugg issue>EX400 - MAC filter not working

comments: MAC filter function added

  • Refs # 11382 Type Bugg issue>EX400: System Status incomplete info

comments: Adding of System status data fields in WEBGUI

  • Refs # 11383 Type Bugg issue>EX400: Status > Wifi Status - connected client has no details

comments: Fixed so that wifi status shows available status.

  • Refs # 11384 Type Bugg issue>EX400: Wifi > Radios - disabled radio still looks enabled

comments: GUI updated to follow radio up/down status

  • Refs # 11388 Type Bugg issue>once in repeater/extender hostname not change.

comments: hostname in DHCP now same as EX400 Networks Name to simplify configuration when multiple devices connected

  • Refs # 11400 Type Bugg issue>EX400: Sysupgrade backup not working

comments: Added backup file to MTK.

  • Refs # 11440 Type Bugg issue>EX400: After master wpa-key changed web i/f on master cannot be reached

comments: EX400: Repeater reconnects to master within 5 minutes after wpa-key change on master.

  • Refs # 11444 Type Bugg issue>EX400: Repeater Broadband-LED indicates OFF (red) but its still connected to the master

comments: EX400: Broadband LED corrected.

  • Refs # 11446 Type Bugg issue>No password in console

comments: EX400: Console now prompt for password.

  • Refs # 11487 Type Software Development issue>EX400 ICE

comments: EX400: ice-client - 4.3.0-RC10_2017-03-31-01-25-25_inteno-RC10 part included in delivery

  • Refs # 11500 Type Bugg issue>EX400 LED: Broadband lit with both LED to indicate Extender/Router Mode

comments: EX400: Extender/Repeater mode: BROADBAND LED YELLOW = STATUS OK RED = no IP connectivity OFF = no WAN Uplink active

  • Refs # 11573 Type Feature request issue>HW Watchdog Enable

comments: EX400: Hardware watchdog enabled.

  • Refs # 11622 Type Bugg issue>Remove pressure function on 2.4G and 5G in LED panel

comments: EX400: Touch sensitivity for 2.4G and 5G panel display removed. Only status indicator LED's.

  • Refs # 11664 Type Bugg issue>EX400: Wizard not working well for user 'user', box sometimes crash when switching to extender mode

comments: Fixed access rights for user in netmode-wizzard.

- iopsys Version 4.0.1[edit]

  • Refs # 10664 Type Software Development issue>EX400 work as CG300 repeater (summary ticket)

comments: EX400: Repeater mode have the same functionalities as CG300.

  • Refs # 11193 Type Bugg issue>WEBGUI simple setup not possible to close

comments: EX400: Setup wizard work as intended.

  • Refs # 11294 Type Bugg issue>WPS Longpress not working

comments: EX400. WPS Longpress working as intended.

  • Refs # 11311 Type Bugg issue>If WPS longpress fails EX400 does not go back to router mode

comments: EX400: If WPS longpress fails, CPE goes back to router mode.

  • Refs # 11367 Type Bugg issue>EX400: Airtime Fairness ON/OFF

comments: EX400: Airtime Fairness is configurable from web i/f, default value is OFF.

  • Refs # 11368 Type Bugg issue>BF default deactivated in EX400

comments: EX400. Beamforming is ON by default.

  • Refs # 11369 Type Bugg issue>EX400: Broadband LED not shutdown

comments: EX400: In Repeater mode Broadband LED is shutdown.

  • Refs # 11381 Type Bugg issue>EX400: Hostname is OpenWrt

comments: EX400: Default hostname is Inteno.

  • Refs # 11402 Type Bugg issue>EX400: Web GUI Network > Devices show Ethernet and VLAN when paired as repeater

comments: EX400: Network > Devices: Ethernet and VLAN not seen in either AP or repeater mode.

  • Refs # 11422 Type Change request issue>echo "0" > /sys/devices/virtual/net/br-wan/bridge/multicast_snooping

comments: EX400: Repeater mode: Multicast snooping is off by default.

  • Refs # 11428 Type Bugg issue>EX400: Changed master wpa-key not propagated to repeater

comments: EX400: Master wpa-key propagated to the repeater

- iopsys Version 4.0.0[edit]

  • Refs # 9900 Type Software Development issue>Add gpio ioctl to EX400 kernel for led purposes


  • Refs # 9901 Type Software Development issue>Periferalmanager EX400 led support


  • Refs # 10130 Type Software Development issue>Basic iopsys support


  • Refs # 10728 Type Software Development issue>Support for ex400


- iopsys Version 3.12.0[edit]

  • Refs # 8970 Type Software Development issue>Multiwan IPv6 support

comments: Multiwan3 support for IPv6

  • Refs # 9136 Type Software Development issue>multiwan3 Support

comments: multiwan2 is replaced by mwan3

  • Refs # 9864 Type Feature request issue>LED panel bootup indication for system ready

comments: we use status LED to indicate that the system is not ready. For most of the products, I try to light all LEDS (RED and GREEN)of status LEDS before the system is ready. After that, the status LED will change to normal- GREEN. As a result, the color of status LED will be orange while booting. Supporting device - DG150R0, DG150v2,CG301,dg200,dg301,eg300,EG400

  • Refs # 9982 Type Bugg issue>DDNS service not started with Juci when configured

comments: DDNS now reloads on changes in config-file.

  • Refs # 10381 Type Feature request issue>WiFi Life: AP Steering: (Basic) Wireless LAN Controller based on client RSSI (Broadcom)

comments: RSSI Threshold based AP Steering functionality is added.

  • Refs # 10975 Type Software Development issue>Two stage restore default / storage of selected parameters for restoredefault

comments: Implemented a soft defaultreset that can save all or some of the following:

- wifi ssids and passwords
- firewall redirect rules
- firewall parental rules
- user password
- ice config

Alos, added --help parameter to defaultreset.

  • Refs # 11014 Type Bugg issue>DECT: Unsuccessful pairing leaves radio on

comments: Dect radio is turned off after handset registration timeout.

  • Refs # 11632 Type Software Development issue>ICE 3.12.0

comments: ice-client updated to version 4.4.0-RC8

  • Refs # 11691 Type Feature request issue>WiFi Radio : Force-Auto-Channel-Selection (BRCM), GUI, UBUS

comments: Force Auto Channel button is added to WiFi Radio page.

  • Refs # 11764 Type Feature request issue>WEBGUI: Display Bandsteer Details (PHY Rate, Downstream Bandwidth, AirtimeUsage  %, restransmission)

comments: Added more data to status->wifi page in GUI.

  • Refs # 11775 Type Feature request issue>Add DDNS status

comments: Added more status to DDNS page in JUCI.

  • Refs # 11798 Type Feature request issue>UBUS data element per station that contain radios PHY Mbps, Data Mbps, Air Use, Data use and Retries

comments: Added ubus call router.wireless bs_data. Added bs_data to router.wireless stas call.

  • Refs # 11834 Type Bugg issue>Juci DHCPv6-mode setting missing

comments: Added DHCPv6-Mode setting to GUI.

  • Refs # 11923 Type Feature request issue>Juci firmware upgrade from URL

comments: Added support for upgrading box from url in GUI.

  • Refs # 11925 Type Feature request issue>QoS automatically populate xDSL handshake in speed limits

comments: QoS: download/upload speeds are auto-populated for DSL for rate limit.

  • Refs # 11985 Type Software Development issue>GUI: Status->WIFI-> Utilisation

comments: Added Status->wifi->utilization page to GUI

  • Refs # 11988 Type Software Development issue>Automatic Replication of all SSIDs from IOPSYS Router (Zero-Touch-Installation) for all Inteno Routers

comments: Added support for zero touch auto configuration.

  • Refs # 12008 Type Feature request issue>UBUS: Add Bandsteer status(BRCM)

comments: Added router.wireless bsd_sta_info call to questd. Added router.wireless bsd_records call to questd. Modified JUCI to use the new bsd backend.

  • Refs # 12096 Type Bugg issue>Add support for more ddns-servers

comments: GUI:DDNS, Two new providers ( and dynu.coom) added to the default list of providers.

  • Refs # 12107 Type Bugg issue>Unwanted Broadcom SSID after bridge wireless and use WPS

comments: Unwanted Broadcom SSID after activating WPS on a WAN bridged wireless interface issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 12162 Type Bugg issue>parental rules: second entry has garbage mac list

comments: Fixed bug in parental control page in GUI.

  • Refs # 12175 Type Bugg issue>WAN widget, DSL down rate flicker

comments: Gui: Corrected issue with flickering WAN widget when xDSL is the media.

  • Refs # 12190 Type Bugg issue>icwmp doesn't follow HTTP 302

comments: TR069: corrected issue within icwmp doesn't follow HTTP 302.

  • Refs # 12228 Type Bugg issue>DG400 Port foward rules not displayed

comments: GUI: Corrected bug with Port forward from overview.

  • Refs # 12320 Type Bugg issue>Parental control: udp sessions in IPV6 does not work

comments: Parental Control rules work for IPv6 traffic.

  • Refs # 12322 Type Bugg issue>IUP needs pingable gateway

comments: Before starting the provisioning process, IUP checks for name server reachability (ping) when the default gateway does not respond to ping.

  • Refs # 12354 Type Bugg issue>Force channel selection on 5G shows nonsense value (MIPS only)

comments: fixed backend for GUI channel code.

  • Refs # 12398 Type Bugg issue>3.12.0 Known Issues

comments: #10063: If EG400 is booted with both copper and fiber WAN connected, it stays on copper link and will not switch to fiber when using some media converters. Workaround: remove copper connection and reboot EG400.

  1. 12342: CG300/Ethernet WAN Interface goes UP once the CG300 has been connected as a Repeater so that it doesn't switch from Repeater to Extender.

Workaround: reboot the CG300.

  • Refs # 12399 Type Bugg issue>Parental rules inconsistently added, option name missing

comments: Gui: corrected parental rule added from gui.

- iopsys Version 3.11.6[edit]

  • Refs # 12018 Type Bugg issue>icwmp stop connecting to ACS

comments: icwmp stops connecting to ACS issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 12060 Type Feature request issue>GET: Possibillity to Specify MAC address on interface via config

comments: MAC override for layer 2 ethernet interface is supported.

  • Refs # 12141 Type Bugg issue>Ubus shows wrong information AND juci shows ""Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'frequency' of undefined"" after some time for 5Ghz

comments: Wrong output from ubus call router.wireless radios issue is fixed.

- iopsys Version 3.11.4[edit]

  • Refs # 11970 Type Bugg issue>Can not use extra SSID's

comments: Crash cause on Multi BSSID fixed.

- iopsys Version 3.11.1[edit]

  • Refs # 11788 Type Bugg issue>Status LED lit YELLOW instead of GREEN

comments: EG400: Status LED is corrected.

  • Refs # 11793 Type Bugg issue>EG400 sometimes hangs in boot

comments: EG400: Wifi fw updated.

  • Refs # 11820 Type Support issue>Linux kernel before 4.5 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via UDP traffic (CVE-2016-10229)

comments: Linux: allowing remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via UDP traffic issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 11847 Type Bugg issue>CWMP: Wireless configuration is not applied

comments: CWMP: Wireless configuration is not applied issue is fixed.

- iopsys Version 3.11.0[edit]

  • Refs # 8151 Type Software Development issue>JUCI - REALTIME GRAPHS page

comments: Realtime Graphs page displaying traffic and load info is added under Status menu.

  • Refs # 9869 Type Feature request issue>GUI: Simplified user webgui if WAN is down.

comments: Split up Internet to Internet and Link in overview-wan-widget, and added a popup when internet or link is down with suggestions on how to fix the problem.

  • Refs # 9991 Type Software Development issue>enable setting custom records to a dhcp tag then tie it to hosts or a vendorclass

comments: Added sections for adding client classifications and tags. Added possibility to add tag to static leases.

  • Refs # 10003 Type Feature request issue>JUCI: add tab title and icon

comments: Changed all JUCI titles to be the same as the menu entry.

  • Refs # 10257 Type Software Development issue>Upnp dlna and samba default off

comments: UPnP, DLNA and Samba functions are disabled by default.

  • Refs # 10395 Type Bugg issue>4366E 5G radio rate shown as 1300

comments: Wireless radio rate is shown correctly in WebGUI for 4x4 radios as well.

  • Refs # 10396 Type Bugg issue>4366E 5G radio bandwidth 160MHz support on kernel and userspace (BRCM Gold3 Drivers)

comments: Wireless 160MHz bandwith support is added.

  • Refs # 10489 Type Bugg issue>dhcp settings from tr069 fails

comments: TR069 DHCP configuration, in some cases, corrupting dnsmasq configuration file issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 10511 Type Bugg issue>GUI: LAN port with no active link show wrong info

comments: GUI: LAN port in overview widget show correct info.

  • Refs # 10624 Type Bugg issue>IPv6 custom DNS servers

comments: Removed custom DNS servers from IPv6.

  • Refs # 10676 Type Software Development issue>Broadcom: 802.11K Radio Resource Management (Driver Support)

comments: 802.11K Driver support is added.

  • Refs # 10679 Type Software Development issue>Broadcom: Wireless Network Management 802.11v (Driver Support)

comments: 802.11V Driver support is added.

  • Refs # 10957 Type Bugg issue>Send full Software file name in DHCP Request (reopen)

comments: Support for sending software version in DHCP request added.

  • Refs # 11044 Type Software Development issue>Enable Configuring buttons using tr-069

comments: TR069 support for configuring buttons.

  • Refs # 11209 Type Software Development issue>Throughput calculation and graph visualization per client

comments: Throughput calculation and graph visualization per client.

  • Refs # 11276 Type Bugg issue>QoS - apply rate limit can crash Web GUI

comments: N/A

  • Refs # 11302 Type Bugg issue>Juci cache issue, web page loads very slowly from gw IP

comments: JUCI cache issue causing web page to load slowly when reached using gateway IP issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 11335 Type Change request issue>WEBGUI; remove "Status" for all parts in WiFi tab

comments: Removed "Status" from menu items in JUCI.

  • Refs # 11336 Type Bugg issue>WiFi status antenna number not correct/ (change to Antenna RX value)

comments: Changed: Number of Antennas 4 --> per antenna average rssi of rx data frames: -73 -66 -69 -70.

  • Refs # 11374 Type Bugg issue>Bandsteer process hangs and do not restart automatically

comments: Bandsteer process hanging and not restarting automatically issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 11390 Type Bugg issue>asterisk.call_log list gives strange output

comments: Asterisk ubus call_log method displays correct time information.

  • Refs # 11403 Type Bugg issue>Can't add additional DNS on the LAN

comments: Moved DNS from General to Advanced for static interfaces.

  • Refs # 11467 Type Feature request issue>IUP: support keeping some user settings over an config upgrade

comments: Keep important end-user changes over the provisioning process: wireless interfaces, port forwarding, parental control.

  • Refs # 11482 Type Feature request issue>ubus: autochannel scan method

comments: Added router.wireless autochannel ubus method.

  • Refs # 11519 Type Software Development issue>LED Panel Sensitivity Update (EG400)

comments: EG400: LED Panel sensitivity is updated.

  • Refs # 11631 Type Software Development issue>ICE 3.11.0

comments: ice-client R4.3.0-RC13 - fixes startup fails when socket is already in use - webservice creation protected with mutex - fix remote shell - shutdown process more robuust - remove unneeded logging

  • Refs # 11636 Type Bugg issue>Default reset via web GUI not working sometimes

comments: Default reset via web GUI not working sometimes issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 11640 Type Feature request issue>icwmp: add support for binding to and using a specific network interface and device for tr-069 traffic

comments: icwmp: addded support for binding to and using a specific network interface and device for tr-069 traffic

  • Refs # 11660 Type Bugg issue>When creating new IP_Routed interface eth2.1 is left as ifname even thou interface belongs to vlan

comments: icwmp adapts to uplink interface changes.

  • Refs # 11668 Type Bugg issue>Juci wan widget flickering

comments: Fixed issue with flickering overview-wan-widget.

  • Refs # 11677 Type Bugg issue>ICE: logging events,(WebServiceBase::parseHttpJsonBody no valid json object found)

comments: ICE logging level is reduced.

  • Refs # 11693 Type Bugg issue>Juci: Firmware upgrade can be started multiple times

comments: Multiple firmware upgrade in GUI not longer possible.

  • Refs # 11739 Type Bugg issue>GUI- "Disconnected- Trying to reconnect"

comments: WebGUI loosing contact with the device quite often issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 11766 Type Bugg issue>Status -> Wifi scan 5G no graphs showing (mips)

comments: Fixed WiFi Scan page for MIPS boxes.

  • Refs # 11803 Type Bugg issue>JUCI does not show boot priority of services

comments: Fixed missing boot priority of services.

- iopsys Version 3.10.7[edit]

  • Refs # 11707 Type Software Development issue>ICE 3.10.7

comments: New ICE Client ice-client - 4.3.0-RC10_2017-03-29-14-35-38_inteno-RC10

- iopsys Version 3.10.6[edit]

  • Refs # 9581 Type Bugg issue>error 404 on incoming call

comments: Randomly getting error 404 on incoming calls issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 11680 Type Bugg issue>questd: crashe on upgrade from 3.6.2 to 3.10.5

comments: questd crash upon upgrade from <3.7.X release issue is fixed.

- iopsys Version 3.10.5[edit]

  • Refs # 11387 Type Software Development issue>WiFi/GUI: Bandsteer Default Rule Update (BRCM suggestion)

comments: Update for bandsteer settings

  • Refs # 11450 Type Bugg issue>DG200/400 WebGUI Empty nat connection table

comments: GUI bug fix

  • Refs # 11457 Type Bugg issue>ice logging too much

comments: reduce logging in ICE client

  • Refs # 11607 Type Bugg issue>ICE client update for 3.10.5

comments: Improvements in ICE to improve long term stability

- iopsys Version 3.10.4[edit]

  • Refs # 11195 Type Bugg issue>speed test improvements

comments: Speedtest: Unavailable servers are removed from config

  • Refs # 11425 Type Feature request issue>wifi option 'bss_max'

comments: Added option Maximum Associated Stations to wifi iface settings page.

  • Refs # 11442 Type Bugg issue>If WAN has a bridged LAN port WAN widget connection type is Ethernet

comments: Juci WAN widget corrected and shows correct Link type

  • Refs # 11471 Type Bugg issue>No link speed in WAN widget when ethernet or SFP

comments: Juci WAN widget corrected and shows correct Link speed

  • Refs # 11509 Type Bugg issue>WEBGUI: WiFi Status parameter change

comments: Juci Wifi Status page HT/VHT Capabilities changed to 802.11n / 802.11ac Capabilities.

  • Refs # 11554 Type Bugg issue>Multiwan error in GUI if bridged config

comments: Juci: corrected error when trying to open Network-Multiwan page when router is bridged configured.

  • Refs # 11574 Type Bugg issue>Questd Crach on 3.10.3 software

comments: Gui: corrected a crash in questd.

  • Refs # 11593 Type Bugg issue>DG301: option ip6assign missing in config

comments: DG301: IPv6 is now configured on by default

- iopsys Version 3.10.3[edit]

  • Refs # 11029 Type Bugg issue>Mobile wan and wifi makes can cause CPE unstability

comments: Enabling PKTFLOW USBNET commit in Broadcom kernel

  • Refs # 11130 Type Bugg issue>IUP is not triggered upon factory reset

comments: The provisioning waits for uplink connectivity (successfully ping the default gateway) for 2 minutes, with retries every 10 seconds. The corresponding messages are also logged in the system log (logread) and on the console.

  • Refs # 11136 Type Bugg issue>incorrect date on call logs

comments: Date and time corrected in call logs

  • Refs # 11328 Type Change request issue>Explanation text for Air Time Fairness help dialog and online help

comments: GUI: added explanation text for Air Time Fairness.

  • Refs # 11345 Type Software Development issue>BandSteering (Broadcom) RSSI Method not working

comments: RSSI threshold band steering is working.

  • Refs # 11348 Type Software Development issue>ice-client bug fixes

comments: ice-client general enhancements.

  • Refs # 11354 Type Bugg issue>iup: provisioning polling disable

comments: If provisioning polling is off, the scheduling of provisioning is not done

  • Refs # 11434 Type Bugg issue>icwmp not starting when using vdsl and dualstack (ipv4 and ipv6)

comments: Corrected issue with icwmp not starting when using vdsl and dualstack

  • Refs # 11470 Type Bugg issue>ice-client package install

comments: ice-client updated due issues when installing packages.

  • Refs # 11476 Type Bugg issue>DHCP option 43 / IUP not working

comments: IUP: DHCP option 43 corrected

  • Refs # 11481 Type Change request issue>IUP: Opt226 for CustomerID(opt82) push from DHCP server-> CPE-> user data in portal.

comments: Option 225 and 226 are default set in interface wan.

- iopsys Version 3.10.2[edit]

  • Refs # 10960 Type Software Development issue>make ssh dropbear configurable via tr069

comments: Dropbear SSH is configurable via TR-069.

  • Refs # 11073 Type Bugg issue>SNMP enable sometimes causes extensive error logging on device

comments: Improvements done to limit excessive logging related to SNMP

  • Refs # 11083 Type Bugg issue>Asterisk prevents other processess startup if it doesn't have IP

comments: Asterisk now does not stop the boot process and will reload sip.conf file if the interface asterisk is bound to has an ifup event.

  • Refs # 11138 Type Software Development issue>WiFi/GUI: Bandsteer templates and statistics, step 1

comments: bsd -s and bsd -l are now shown in: Status>Wifi Scan>Band Steering.

rssi threshold, steering policy, enable/disable are now shown in: WiFi>Band Steering.

  • Refs # 11155 Type Change request issue>JUCI: MiniDLNA: show minidlna status html table directly instead of parsing it

comments: An iframe that contains the miniDLNA page ( has been added to Network>Services>MiniDLNA.

The hostname is read from the browsers window.location.hostname object. The portname is read from /etc/config/minidlna.

  • Refs # 11164 Type Change request issue>WIFI/GUI: Air Time Fairness enable/disable

comments: Add config option for Air Time Fairness On/OFF. Default settings used to enable testing.

  • Refs # 11169 Type Bugg issue>QoS rate limit not working after reboot

comments: Bug fix: Only reload qos if the interface is a section in qos config.

  • Refs # 11189 Type Bugg issue>Delete object of WANDevice .{i}.WANConnectionDevice.{i}.WANIPConnection.{i}. NOK

comments: Faulty deletion corrected.

  • Refs # 11194 Type Bugg issue>Repeater/Extender mode: Make LAN port L2 bridge

comments: Repeater/Extender mode: LAN port is now L2 bridged.

  • Refs # 11243 Type Change request issue>Adapt GUI changes to online WiKi

comments: Online wiki help pages have been updated.

  • Refs # 11253 Type Bugg issue>questd: duplicate entries and stops working

comments: Duplicate questd entries causing ubus router.* objects not to work issue

- iopsys Version 3.10.1[edit]

  • Refs # 9500 Type Bugg issue>Juci: Hi-Link dongle is mounted as ethX but not treated as wan device in configuration

comments: Hi-Link dongles can be selected as physical device for proto dhcp.

  • Refs # 9951 Type Change request issue>IUP: Opt226 for CustomerID(opt82) push from DHCP server-> CPE-> user data in portal.

comments: Added support for the two new dhcp options, 225 and 226. They have to be manually configured to be requested. If received, the two will be set in and ice.dhcp.opt226connectionid and the 226 option will also be published on ubus.

  • Refs # 10493 Type Bugg issue>TR-069: Upload and Download diagnostics

comments: TR-069: Upload and Download diagnostics are supported.

  • Refs # 11035 Type Bugg issue>session should not retried after connection request

comments: TR069: Corrected a issue when ACS is unreachable and the CPE receive connection request.

  • Refs # 11043 Type Bugg issue>inform with event 4 VALUE CHANGE doesn't conatain the right value of the parameter(s) which have notification value 1.

comments: TR069: Corrected a failing test-case.

  • Refs # 11066 Type Change request issue>GUI: Add bandsteer config option ON/OFF

comments: Page for Band Steering where you can switch it on/off has been added in GUI->WiFi->Band Steering.

  • Refs # 11071 Type Bugg issue>Add object of WANDevice .{i}.WANConnectionDevice.{i}.WANIPConnection. NOK

comments: TR069: Corrected a failing test-case.

  • Refs # 11072 Type Bugg issue>set value of InternetGatewayDevice.ManagementServer.ParameterKey is NOK

comments: According to the standard ParameterKey parameter is a read only parameter. It MUST be equal to the value of the ParameterKey argument from the most recent successful SetParameterValues, AddObject, or DeleteObject method call from the ACS.

  • Refs # 11080 Type Software Development issue>TR-069: OUI override

comments: TR069: Support for OUI override from TR069

  • Refs # 11081 Type Bugg issue>Bridged config -- Ice-client doesn't start -- UcLibc issue

comments: ice-client does not start when network setup is full bridge issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 11149 Type Change request issue>Adapt GUI changes to online WiKi

comments: Online wiki documentation have been updated.

  • Refs # 11163 Type Support issue> ICE version 3.10.1

comments: ice-client: 4.1.0-RC8_2017-01-18-18-43-54_inteno-RC8

  • Refs # 11167 Type Bugg issue>Multiwan sometimes not detecting if an interface is working -- DNS not working

comments: Fixed a bug in MultiWAN that resulted in DNS not working. (The file /tmp/ was not created) A further effect of this bug was that when using health-monitor-host set to DNS-server, the corresponding connection was wrongly considered offline.

- iopsys Version 3.10.0[edit]

  • Refs # 7318 Type Feature request issue>Syslog - VoIP (OwnIT)

comments: Added possibility to get DTMF, RTP and CDR logging in syslog.

To enable the DTMF and RTP set variable "syslog" to 1 in voice-client/files/etc/config/voice_client and build or on a running box /etc/config/voice_client and reload asterisk. This will enable the following logging:

   - Every state changes in brcm
   - At call, source and destination numbers
   - At hangup RTP statistics

To enable CDR logging after finished call, set config cdr_syslog to '1' in voice-client/files/etc/config/voice_client and build or on a running box /etc/config/voice_client and reload asterisk.

  • Refs # 9043 Type Change request issue>Repeater: Enable Repeater mode for all hardware

comments: Extended hardware support for Repeater mode. Supported hardware: DG200 DG301 EG300 CG300

  • Refs # 9388 Type Bugg issue>WEB GUI: Wireless cipher

comments: TR069/GUI wireless cipher setting is synced.

  • Refs # 9408 Type Feature request issue>DECT: Add support for seeing if a handset is being pinged (in call) at the moment

comments: Changed Dect page so that you can hang up call and see what number is being called.

  • Refs # 9552 Type Bugg issue>EG300AC - MTU - Iopsys 3.5.5 - web gui shows incorrect MTU

comments: MTU values in GUI corresponds to MTU from ifconfig

  • Refs # 10068 Type Bugg issue>Blocking calls to special rate numbers does not work

comments: Adding functionality to block special rate calls by adding new macro "macro-check-special-rate". It compares the dialed number against regex versions of special rate numbers. The numbers can be found in /etc/asterisk/special_rate.cfg.

  • Refs # 10071 Type Bugg issue>JUCI: convert each plugin to openwrt package

comments: All JUCI plugins and themes are now it's own package

  • Refs # 10167 Type Change request issue>HTTPS only for WAN access, HTTP on LAN

comments: HTTPS is supported.

  • Refs # 10189 Type Feature request issue>GUI create clients connection counter

comments: Active connections per client is shown the GUI.

  • Refs # 10256 Type Software Development issue>Open ports backof of black listing

comments: Security: backoff added to iptables.

  • Refs # 10306 Type Bugg issue>JUCI: samba user validation

comments: Checks have been added to prevent creation of duplicate usernames and usernames with special characters.

  • Refs # 10309 Type Software Development issue>usb port auto running scripts

comments: USB drives are mounted with noexec flag.

  • Refs # 10318 Type Support issue>OPENSSL : OCSP Status Request extension unbounded memory growth (CVE-2016-6304) (HIGH) (OpenSSL need upgrade to 1.0.2i)

comments: openssl version is updated from 1.0.2g to 1.0.2i

  • Refs # 10359 Type Bugg issue>Snmpwalk causes extensive error logging on device

comments: SNMP: fixed error when snmpwalk was executed.

  • Refs # 10379 Type Bugg issue>LED panel names mismatch

comments: LED names can now be changed with the option 'label' in /etc/config/leds.

Non-existing LEDs have been removed and 'VOICE1' has been changed to 'VOICE' for DG400.

LED lamps have been added to the GUI to show whether the LEDs are lit.

  • Refs # 10380 Type Bugg issue>iup: should not depend on bind package

comments: replaced host with nslookup and removed the bind-host package.

  • Refs # 10397 Type Bugg issue>[juci]: General Cache Problem

comments: juci: general cache issues fixed.

  • Refs # 10440 Type Software Development issue>Add support for ZTE MF823 and MF90+

comments: Added support for USB-dongles: Huawei E3276 Huawei E3372 Huawei E398 ZTE MF823 ZTE MF90 ZTE MF920V

  • Refs # 10444 Type Bugg issue>Voice LED, near side termination led continues to blink until next register interval or offhook/onhook

comments: Event CALLENDED set the LED state to "Notice", which caused the failure. Changed this to set the LED state to "Ok" instead.

  • Refs # 10467 Type Support issue>2.4GHz Radio calibration values

comments: Added EG400 2.4 wifi calibration parameters.

  • Refs # 10488 Type Change request issue>Wireless encryption: make WPA2 PSK default?

comments: Security: WPA2 PSK is default encryption for both 2.4G and 5G.

  • Refs # 10501 Type Bugg issue>Juci: GUI looks strange i Internet Explorer 11

comments: Added juci-fonts.woff to fix issues in IE11

  • Refs # 10504 Type Software Development issue>TR069: Add parameters to be able to configure OWSD to decide which interface to listen on for HTTP(s)

comments: The new developed parameters in order to configure owsd are the following:

{ "parameter": "InternetGatewayDevice.X_INTENO_SE_Owsd.Redirect", "writable": "1" } { "parameter": "InternetGatewayDevice.X_INTENO_SE_Owsd.Socket", "writable": "1" } { "parameter": "InternetGatewayDevice.X_INTENO_SE_Owsd.X_INTENO_SE_ListenObj.", "writable": "1" } { "parameter": "InternetGatewayDevice.X_INTENO_SE_Owsd.X_INTENO_SE_ListenObj.%i.Alias", "writable": "1" } { "parameter": "InternetGatewayDevice.X_INTENO_SE_Owsd.X_INTENO_SE_ListenObj.%i.Interface", "writable": "1" } { "parameter": "InternetGatewayDevice.X_INTENO_SE_Owsd.X_INTENO_SE_ListenObj.%i.Ipv6", "writable": "1" } { "parameter": "InternetGatewayDevice.X_INTENO_SE_Owsd.X_INTENO_SE_ListenObj.%i.Origin", "writable": "1" } { "parameter": "InternetGatewayDevice.X_INTENO_SE_Owsd.X_INTENO_SE_ListenObj.%i.Port", "writable": "1" } { "parameter": "InternetGatewayDevice.X_INTENO_SE_Owsd.X_INTENO_SE_ListenObj.%i.Whitelist_dhcp", "writable": "1" } { "parameter": "InternetGatewayDevice.X_INTENO_SE_Owsd.X_INTENO_SE_ListenObj.%i.Whitelist_interface", "writable": "1" }

  • Refs # 10508 Type Bugg issue>Unknow connection in WAN widget in overiview when using mobile WAN

comments: Connection type is shown correctly for WWAN.

  • Refs # 10527 Type Bugg issue>Juci bug 3.9.x

comments: Various JUCI tickets are fixed.

  • Refs # 10556 Type Bugg issue>Juci: MiniDLNA show wrong info on the blue text

comments: Fixed so that minidlna restarts.

  • Refs # 10578 Type Change request issue>exstender mode should set wl0 to 80Mzh

comments: Extender mode: bandwidth is set to 80Mhz.

  • Refs # 10601 Type Bugg issue>Improve shift range hotplug script

comments: Improved the shiftrange script: if a lan interface has a network address that is already assigned to a wan interface, this script will increment the lan network address by one (in the network part) untill a network that is not used on any interface is found.

  • Refs # 10614 Type Bugg issue>UPNP presentation URL incorrect and IP do not follow LAN IP settings for CPE

comments: UPNP adapts to LAN ip address changes.

  • Refs # 10620 Type Bugg issue>Ghosts in Wifi overview in 3.9.0T3

comments: Wireless device shown as client in topology map issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 10631 Type Feature request issue>Add custom page to juci UI

comments: juci: possibility to add a custom page to ui.

It possible to add menu item with "option external 1" and it will show the path as text and the page can ether be a file (ex. files/testfile.html) or a external path (ex.

  • Refs # 10639 Type Bugg issue>EG400 Never lit Status LED

comments: EG400: Both red and green LED is lit during boot.

  • Refs # 10702 Type Change request issue>DG150v2: 2.4GHz Radio Calibration values update

comments: Added DG150v2 2.4GHz wifi calibration values.

  • Refs # 10709 Type Change request issue>Description for read/write samba drive

comments: Added warning on samba page if you try to share a extX filesystem that is read-only.

  • Refs # 10712 Type Software Development issue>make wiki page default on in inteno standard software

comments: Link to wiki page with manual is on by default.

  • Refs # 10730 Type Change request issue>Timezone is missing

comments: Timezone WGT/WGST timezone (America/Godthab) is added.

  • Refs # 10851 Type Bugg issue>jumbo frames are not enabled on dg400

comments: DG400: Jumbo frames enabled.

  • Refs # 10852 Type Bugg issue>Update dropbear due to security vulnerabilities

comments: Dropbear version is updated from 2015.67 to 2016.74 to fix some security vulnerabilities.

  • Refs # 10856 Type Bugg issue>Online update not finding FW image

comments: Changed so that sysupgrade exit with exit-status 1 if it can't download fw_check_url

  • Refs # 10908 Type Bugg issue>Show Network overview in small screen size

comments: Slider widget now shows on all screen sizes (at the top for screens less than 768px).

  • Refs # 10909 Type Feature request issue>Make dropbear enable/disable switches buttons

comments: Removed enabled switch from ssh-page.

  • Refs # 10942 Type Bugg issue>big/little endian issue on dg400

comments: Endianness issue in icwmp is fixed.

  • Refs # 10962 Type Bugg issue>GUI: Sorting lists is set to default on browser refresh

comments: LAN widget on overview page keeps selected sorting column and order after data refresh

  • Refs # 11007 Type Bugg issue>Static routes MTU values not visible in GUI

comments: GUI: static routes more user friendly.

- iopsys Version 3.9.1[edit]

  • Refs # 9008 Type Software Development issue>Automatic configuration of connected USB dongle with predefined multiwan rules

comments: Internet led will work correctly even if there are more than one default routes.

  • Refs # 9584 Type Feature request issue>Update iopsys DECT stack to Natalie V12.26

comments: DECT: MIPS hardware configurations have been updated to Natalie version 12.26

  • Refs # 10599 Type Bugg issue>QoS / speed limitation broken / VG50

comments: QoS not working for newly added interfaces issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 10613 Type Bugg issue>OBSS coex doesn't work

comments: OBSS-Coexistence is enabled by default.

  • Refs # 10671 Type Bugg issue>JUCI: System->Connectivity Test default is wrong

comments: GUI: System->Connectivity Test default is corrected.

  • Refs # 10687 Type Bugg issue>Samba no write access

comments: Samba access levels per USB mounted file system:

ext2,3,4 -> read only ntfs -> read/write fat32 -> read/write

  • Refs # 10708 Type Bugg issue>IPv6 no default route

comments: ipv6 route is sometimes not set issue is fixed.

- iopsys Version 3.9.0[edit]

  • Refs # 6836 Type Bugg issue>CATV302 module Filter config will shutdown module

comments: The filter option is now hidden in JUCI when we know that the module does not support filters

  • Refs # 7441 Type Bugg issue>Codec priorities are not working as expected

comments: Codec priorities list corrected

  • Refs # 8983 Type Feature request issue>JUCI: Configuration page for cgroups

comments: Added configuration page for cgroups

  • Refs # 9152 Type Bugg issue>Make WAN port speed configurable in customer builds

comments: Added a new section on network/devices/ethernet if you have a any sfp port. Changed the init-script order

  • Refs # 9354 Type Bugg issue>CWMP: Bootstrap when device is rebooted

comments: CWMP: corrected Bootstrap inform message, it will not be sent if device is rebooted.

  • Refs # 9415 Type Bugg issue>DG400 - Touch panel WPS and DECT buttons to sensitive

comments: DG400: Touch panel filtering improved

  • Refs # 9504 Type Bugg issue>JUCI: DECT issues

comments: Juci DECt webpages have been improved.

  • Refs # 9670 Type Feature request issue>Syslog support in Dect manager

comments: Dect subsystem has got increased trouble reporting in the event log. In case of Dect problems; search for "dectmanager" in the event/system log.

  • Refs # 9787 Type Bugg issue>JUCI: add ability to reset password

comments: Ability to reset password implemented.

  • Refs # 9788 Type Feature request issue>JUCI: Add ability to restrict access to firewall rules for users via GUI

comments: Added the option for admin to restrict the access to firewall rules.

  • Refs # 9868 Type Software Development issue>Parental control rule list show hostname instead of MAC and add column rule name

comments: Changed parental-control to show host name and ip if possible instead of macaddress. Changed title of column 'MAC Address' to 'Host Name'

  • Refs # 9882 Type Bugg issue>Fix typos in upgrade software confirmation

comments: Grammar in "software available button" is corrected.

  • Refs # 9944 Type Feature request issue>Add support for interface/ip range to web login

comments: Specific users can be allowed to reach GUI via a specific interface:port combination.

  • Refs # 9974 Type Change request issue>Juci: Possible to set in GUI

comments: It's now possible to set in System->System Settings->Connectivity Test.

  • Refs # 9980 Type Software Development issue>Make Naming of hosts possible

comments: Added a button next to host name in the popup you get if you click on a client that allows you to name your hosts

  • Refs # 9987 Type Software Development issue>Make parental control on hosts from LAN overview

comments: Added parental control tab to popup for clients from overview-lan-widget

  • Refs # 10006 Type Software Development issue>Intergrate web based manual into juci with tags

comments: Support for integrated web based manual from juci. juci need to be configured if manual link shall be visible.

  • Refs # 10022 Type Bugg issue>Guest SSID problem with 5.0Ghz

comments: Extra 5GHz wireless interface works without putting it in promiscuous mode.

  • Refs # 10024 Type Bugg issue>Add explaining text on Speedtest for user/admin account

comments: Speedtest added information text "Speedtest function can estimate throughput speeds up to 100-150 Mbit/s"

  • Refs # 10028 Type Bugg issue>Fix adding and removing ssh-keys on dropbear page

comments: Added back the section where you can add and remove ssh-keys in system/management/ssh now working with c backend. Added a button to upload your ssh-key from file.

  • Refs # 10036 Type Bugg issue>Juci bug 3.8.x

comments: Juci: general improvements of known issues from 3.8.x

  • Refs # 10037 Type Software Development issue>Make it possible to switch boot bank

comments: TR069: A new writeable vendor specific parameter named X_INTENO_SE_MemoryBank is added under DeviceInfo.

  • Refs # 10044 Type Feature request issue>JUCI: SpeedTest

comments: Juci:speedtest webpages have been updated and improved. Automatic transfes size, depending on WAN-speed. Separated Download and Upload transfer size.

  • Refs # 10045 Type Bugg issue>Hostname entries in Juci for device don't look good

comments: Fixed the names for host entries in dhcp settings page. It now displays the ip of the network given for that hostentry or ip of the network called "lan"

  • Refs # 10062 Type Bugg issue>EG300 only WAN up after unplug plugin WAN cable

comments: EG300: added a hotplug script, that will bring IPTV VLAN back after WAN cable have been unplugged and plugged in.

  • Refs # 10066 Type Bugg issue>GUI: Bridged LAN ports not visible in overview

comments: LAN ports of unmanaged bridges are visible in overview widget.

  • Refs # 10102 Type Software Development issue>JUCI: gray out and do not allow editing to sections where user has read access only

comments: Fixed so that list-editors that take a uci-section now do not allow the user to edit the sections that cannot be saved due to _access_r in config. Removed buttons from network-connections that the user cannot edit.

  • Refs # 10125 Type Bugg issue>WPS function do not work after disable/enable SSID broadcasting

comments: Fixed wps on overview and hide the wps pair button when no wireless interfaces has wps enabled.

  • Refs # 10184 Type Feature request issue>DNA Wifi Widget display configured link speed (rate)

comments: WiFi widget in juci now shows correct rate for each bandwidth.

  • Refs # 10185 Type Feature request issue>DNA LAN widget display cable connected icon

comments: Added the speed and duplex to wired LAN clients in overview-lan-widget.

  • Refs # 10186 Type Bugg issue>LAN widget click client edit icon

comments: Edit icon added to clients under Overview LAN widget.

  • Refs # 10187 Type Bugg issue>GUI DHCP page and hostnames

comments: changed DHCP menu title to DHCP/DNS. changed the title on dhcp-settings page to DHCP/DNS

  • Refs # 10188 Type Feature request issue>GUI create port and SSID Tx/Rx counter

comments: Added TX/RX bytes and eventual TX/RX errors to ports in overview-slider-widget.

  • Refs # 10190 Type Bugg issue>GUI LAN widget don't show LAN IPv6 address

comments: Changed the IPv4 address from config to IPv4 and IPv6 address from status for the networks in lan-overview-widget.

  • Refs # 10262 Type Bugg issue>Voice issues when VOIP has own VLAN and normal Internet VLAN is down

comments: Asterisk not starting if there is no internet but voip service only issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 10272 Type Bugg issue>Repeter/Externder wifi uplink can start looping traffic

comments: Default repeater mode uses 2.4G Uplinnk and 5G Downlink

  • Refs # 10274 Type Bugg issue>Juci: Cant download Event log as text

comments: WebGUI logs file download not working in Firefox issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 10351 Type Change request issue>DG400 wifi scan

comments: Wireless scan is not allowed for disabled radios.

  • Refs # 10404 Type Bugg issue>Dropbear does not start always

comments: Dropbear sometimes not starting if listening on a specific interface issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 10415 Type Bugg issue>iup: multiple starts of iup in case of multiple wan interfaces

comments: iup connects to the remote server only once even if more uplinks (multiwan) are present

  • Refs # 10424 Type Feature request issue>InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.1.WLANConfiguration.1.PossibleChannels

comments: CWMP: PossibleChannels for Wifi is added to the datamodel for Wifi

  • Refs # 10442 Type Bugg issue>owsd crashes when there are 8 owsd listen interfaces

comments: owsd removed crash when there are 8 listen interfaces

  • Refs # 10449 Type Bugg issue>Enabling Multiwan breaks network

comments: multiwan breaking due to missing ip rules issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 10450 Type Bugg issue>LAN->Add a Static DHCP say "Add Connected Ho"

comments: Text changed to 'Add Host'.

  • Refs # 10463 Type Bugg issue>Juci weird info if empty old value

comments: Columns fixed so trashcan will not try to be the new/old value.

  • Refs # 10469 Type Bugg issue>No translation file for DMZ warning info

comments: juci: translation tags updated

  • Refs # 10490 Type Bugg issue>tr069 port forwading

comments: TR069: Corrected Port forwarding setting via TR069

- iopsys Version 3.8.1[edit]

  • Refs # 10151 Type Bugg issue>GUI: OBSS Co-Existence button not working

comments: Setting OBSS Co-existence via GUI is not allowed.

  • Refs # 10194 Type Bugg issue>No value on DSL in overview

comments: DSL rate is shown in Overview WAN widget in GUI.

  • Refs # 10202 Type Bugg issue>After discovering a device on LAN ice-client requires reboot to get online

comments: ice-client requiring reboot to get online after discovering a device on LAN issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 10205 Type Feature request issue>Enable DslDiag on IOP

comments: Dsldiag is supported in iopsys

  • Refs # 10215 Type Bugg issue>JUCI issues in 3.8.1

comments: Various JUCI bugs are fixed.

  • Refs # 10237 Type Bugg issue>Connected Devices: Cable clients have no data in Bytes sent/received:

comments: Cloud: Connect Devices webapp hide sent/received bytes when both are 0

  • Refs # 10238 Type Bugg issue>Connected Devices: Ping can be started on a offline device

comments: Portal: Connected Devices, Ping button is removed from offline clients

  • Refs # 10240 Type Bugg issue>JUCI: Wireless (no more space left)

comments: Fixed bug that made it so that you couldn't add new wireless interfaces when the list of interfaces was empty or you only have full interfaces on one radio and no interfaces on the other radio.

  • Refs # 10243 Type Bugg issue>Fileme: cannot see which USB-device is selected

comments: Portal: FileMe clearly show which storage device is used

  • Refs # 10244 Type Bugg issue>Fileme: when deleting a folder with files, folder is not deleted

comments: Portal: Fileme, warning added before delete folder is executed

  • Refs # 10247 Type Bugg issue>WiFiJoe:MyWireless: Impossible to add SSID and key in form

comments: Portal: WiFi Joe: SSID and KEY is now clearly showed

  • Refs # 10250 Type Bugg issue>JUCI: Wireless (wep encryption)

comments: Encryption is displayed correctly in GUI.

  • Refs # 10268 Type Bugg issue>LogRead: If filtered two times log will be mixed from all devices

comments: Portal: Logread is now corrected

  • Refs # 10270 Type Bugg issue>GUI cutthrough takes time

comments: GUI cut-through via Cloud is faster.

  • Refs # 10276 Type Bugg issue>DG400: hostnames not working until dnsmasq is restarted.

comments: dnsmasq does not require manual restart for added hostnames to be effective.

  • Refs # 10281 Type Bugg issue>Wrong AFE on DG150v2-annexB

comments: xDsl: Corrected AFE settings when AnnexB is configured

  • Refs # 10300 Type Bugg issue>iup encryption is broken

comments: IUP encryption is fixed.

  • Refs # 10357 Type Bugg issue>Connected Devices:Gateways go offline/online through CD widget

comments: Portal: Connected devices is now stable

  • Refs # 10358 Type Bugg issue>WifiJoe : Webapp have no function

comments: Portal: WiFi Joe app is now shown connect clients SSID and KEY. Known issues: SSID and KEY can not be set from WiFi Joe webbapplication. (#10403) If more than node connect to the cloud same known issue as above (#10403)

- iopsys Version 3.8.0[edit]

  • Refs # 8711 Type Bugg issue>defaultreset is reported as a watchdog reason on next reboot.

comments: defaultreset is now reported correctly in /etc/boot_reason and console banner.

  • Refs # 8949 Type Software Development issue>Juci: Repeater clients can be controlled from master

comments: Wireless clients behind a repeater are shown behind the repeater in master's topology map.

  • Refs # 8965 Type Bugg issue>sysupgrade -c option copies overlay on top of /rom

comments: sysupgrade -c (copy complete overlay) now copies to correct location

  • Refs # 9058 Type Bugg issue>Parental control: udp sessions

comments: Internet restriction does not apply to already established connection issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 9092 Type Bugg issue>EG400 iopsys support

comments: EG400 (Prototype 1) support added

  • Refs # 9195 Type Bugg issue>CG300/DG400 - DECT is lit but no dect is paired

comments: Dect Led becomes off if pairing failes or times out.

  • Refs # 9375 Type Feature request issue>Send full Software file name in DHCP Request

comments: The hostname (option 12) sent in dhcp discover and request has been updated to include software version and the last 2 bytes of the base mac

  • Refs # 9405 Type Feature request issue>Dual Image Check and remote toggle

comments: Memory bank can be toggle from CLI (brcm_fw_tool set -u 1 (previous), brcm_fw_tool set -u 0 (current))

  • Refs # 9428 Type Bugg issue>Juci: Cannot read property of baseifname of undefined when WAN port is used as LAN port

comments: Fixed the bug. To test delete everything in /etc/config/layer2_interface_ethernet and go to Network->Devices->Ethernet if you don't get any errors and you se a dropdown that says "None" everything is working.

  • Refs # 9444 Type Feature request issue>Previous Software version save before boot bank change

comments: Other bank Iopsys version can now be read from file under /tmp

  • Refs # 9455 Type Bugg issue>DECT: Distorted sound quality (DG400)

comments: Dect noise in DG400 has been fixed.

  • Refs # 9541 Type Bugg issue>EG300AC - CATV302 - IOP3.5.5 - reboot required to activate catv on/off state after changing this from gui

comments: Updated /etc/init.d/catv file to correctly handle catv config changes

  • Refs # 9550 Type Bugg issue>WEBGUI: Select relevant CATV module values for WEBGUI

comments: Changed what values are displayed on CATV-status page, removed the filter-selction if no filters are avalible (CATV-302) and change the text on the switch on CATV-settings page.

  • Refs # 9639 Type Bugg issue>WiFi: symbols in WiFi password

comments: Unsupported WiFi symbols are not allowed in GUI

  • Refs # 9725 Type Bugg issue>/etc/modules.d/60-i2c rewritten on every boot

comments: /etc/modules.d/60-i2c no longer rewritten on every boot

  • Refs # 9749 Type Bugg issue>New Inteno CFE doesn't accept Broadcom .w images.

comments: CFE upgrade using .w images from Broadcom SDK now work again (starting with CFE version ...-INT1.4).

  • Refs # 9761 Type Software Development issue>owsd configuration page

comments: owsd settings can be configured via GUI

  • Refs # 9775 Type Bugg issue>owsd does not start on port 8080 on lan

comments: web gui accessible on port 8080 on lan

  • Refs # 9776 Type Bugg issue>lan services do not restart after lan ip changes

comments: Lan services (samba, owsd) restart after lan ip changes

  • Refs # 9784 Type Bugg issue>Wi-Fi: Bandwidth

comments: 40MHz bandwidth for 2.4G WiFi is allowed.

  • Refs # 9785 Type Bugg issue>TR069 AND LUCI: Turn off wireless controller VS Button

comments: TR069 and GUI wireless radio control is synced with WiFi button.

  • Refs # 9791 Type Bugg issue>WPS pair (short) directly trigger repeater mode (DG400)

comments: DG400 WPS short press triggering repeater mode issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 9801 Type Bugg issue>Juci bug 3.7.x

comments: Several JUCI bugs are fixed.

  • Refs # 9862 Type Bugg issue>User, using network shares (smb), could get access to the router root (/) catalog

comments: Samba shares are restricted to only /mnt/.

In the case that no flash drive is inserted in the usb port: The share paths are now forced to start with /mnt/, whatever the path name is given in web gui/luci/juci.

For example: /mnt/ remains /mnt/ /mnt/path/ remains /mnt/path/ / becomes /mnt/ /path/ becomes /mnt/path/

In the case that a flash drive is inserted in the usb port, the path already begins with /mnt/, for example /mnt/Kingston1C6F654E3F31BFB01927289C. Thus, the introduced change has no effect.

Additionally, the soft links traversal outside the shared path is not allowed in either case (samba option wide links = no).

Note: /mnt/ can be shared even there is no flash drive inserted.

  • Refs # 9871 Type Bugg issue>SAMBA: Incorrect mount permissions

comments: USB sticks mounted read-only issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 9873 Type Bugg issue>dect long press (toggle dect radio) do not work, no event in CLI

comments: Pressing Dect button more than 10 seconds toggles dect permanently on/off (by default it's auto).

  • Refs # 9910 Type Software Development issue>Make owsd be able to have redirects in config

comments: LUCI to JUCI cache issue is solved.

  • Refs # 9911 Type Software Development issue>make owsd to be able to turn off its access list to allow all.

comments: Reaching JUCI GUI using DHCP domain names is allowed.

  • Refs # 9919 Type Bugg issue>WiFi goes offline during booting

comments: Periferal manager ignores buttons presses the first 4 seconds.

  • Refs # 9970 Type Change request issue>Make it configurable what build system spits out

comments: Old style ".y", ".w", "_cfe" and "_fs_image" no longer built, all replaced by ".y2" images.

  • Refs # 9990 Type Software Development issue> owsd list origin accept from all

comments: owsd can be configured to accept/reject connections from all/specific http origins.

  • Refs # 9993 Type Bugg issue>ipv6 broken

comments: IPv6 address not set on WAN device issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 9994 Type Software Development issue>Chaos Breaker

comments: Chaos Breaker: based on chaos calmer but still old kernel so some features will not work. Bufferbloat for instance needs 3.8 kernel>

  • Refs # 9996 Type Software Development issue>Juci should indicate when it has truncated a name on status

comments: Gui overview indicates with xxx when client name is truncated

  • Refs # 9999 Type Bugg issue>Portal GUI cut-through CPE WEBGUI

comments: WebGUI cut-through via Inteno cloud portal is working.

  • Refs # 10009 Type Software Development issue>JUCI: support login with given sid to skip login page

comments: Added feature that makes it so you can give a session id in the url example:

  • Refs # 10043 Type Bugg issue>Print server: Start/Stop

comments: Print serer service can be stopped.

  • Refs # 10069 Type Bugg issue>IPv6 addresses are not shown in overview

comments: WAN IPv6 address is shown in WAN overview widget

  • Refs # 10070 Type Bugg issue>WAN widget incorrect when using SFP

comments: GUI overview WAN widget displays linkspeed correctly for SFP port.

  • Refs # 10073 Type Software Development issue>JUCI: new list editor

comments: GUI improved list editor containing more information about a section

  • Refs # 10084 Type Bugg issue>SSID broadcasting

comments: Disabling SSID broadcasting works.

  • Refs # 10090 Type Bugg issue>OS command injection

comments: Command injection via Status->Diagnostics page is prevented.

  • Refs # 10111 Type Feature request issue>Juci: Backup files in GUI

comments: Password protection switch is added to enable setting password on backup archive.

  • Refs # 10149 Type Bugg issue>Catv filter: ubus call do not set the filter

comments: CATV filter set is now corrected

  • Refs # 10150 Type Bugg issue>GUI: IPv6 clients not seen in overview or Network status page

comments: IPv6 clients are now seen in overview and Network status page

  • Refs # 10153 Type Bugg issue>Wireless Repeater Overview still show wireless interfaces

comments: Wireless repeater overview corrected

  • Refs # 10175 Type Software Development issue>Broadcom Patch 1 and 2

comments: Various patches to Broadcom kernel.

- iopsys Version 3.7.1[edit]

  • Refs # 8995 Type Software Development issue>JUCI: USB widget easy configuration of mobile dongles

comments: Added a icon on 4-g dongles in overview-usb-widget that when clicked opens a dialog where you can setup a new wan-connection using that dongle.

  • Refs # 9141 Type Bugg issue>GUI: Internet Explorer sometimes give strange error codes

comments: Internet Explorer angular exception errors are fixed.

  • Refs # 9232 Type Feature request issue>CPE details added in backupconfig file on extract

comments: Backup- and provisioning files have HW Model, customer code and MAC without : in the name: backup-<HW Model>-<customer code>-<MAC without :>.tar.gz provisioning-<HW Model>-<customer code>-<MAC without :>.tar.gz

Example: backup-DG400A-INT3.7.0RC6-002207A9CE98.tar.gz and provisioning-DG400A-INT3.7.0RC6-002207A9CE98.tar.gz

  • Refs # 9244 Type Software Development issue>JUCI: Overview - Detail widget and LAN-Detailed

comments: Detailed topology map is added to WebGUI

  • Refs # 9313 Type Bugg issue>UPNPC do not work in JUCI

comments: Removed: Automatically Start Service At Bootup SWITCH Removed: Start / Stop Service BUTTON Modified upnpd script so that UPnP Open Ports table is displayed correctly.

  • Refs # 9760 Type Bugg issue>JUCI Firefox Issues

comments: Several issues found in JUCI from Firefox is fixed.

  • Refs # 9786 Type Bugg issue>JUCI: Firewall reflection (nat loopback)

comments: Firewall NAT reflection is enabled by default.

  • Refs # 9829 Type Bugg issue>miniDLNA is missing in JUCI and config in 3.7.0

comments: miniDLNA is supported again.

  • Refs # 9883 Type Feature request issue>ETH WAN speed duplex value in WAN widget and xDSL upload speed

comments: Fixed bug that made the globe in detailed overview slider widget on hover show Unknown type and added dslstats for upspeed in wan-overview-widget and added linkspeed for eth-wan in wan-overview-widget.

  • Refs # 9904 Type Feature request issue>Merge new WLAN driver ( into devel

comments: WLAN driver updated to Broadcom "Gold" wifi driver (wlan-all-src-

  • Refs # 9908 Type Bugg issue>Not able to Connect to the router from WAN

comments: Router can be connected from WAN.

  • Refs # 9916 Type Bugg issue>DG200: Firewall>wan zone>input rule has been changed from 'reject' to 'accept' on running router by unknown reason

comments: Firewall rule remains after turning firewall off.

  • Refs # 9947 Type Bugg issue>JUCI: Firewall->Rule does not allow adding space separated list for destination port

comments: JUCI: adding space separated list for destination port in firewall rules is allowed.

  • Refs # 9948 Type Bugg issue>Load GUI if NVRAM contains error or empty lines

comments: GUI is working even if NVRAM params are missing.

  • Refs # 9952 Type Software Development issue>WiFi: AP send credentials to clients (AP first 2.4G SSID is mirrored in repeater/Extender)

comments: AP send wifi credentials to all connected repeaters

  • Refs # 9986 Type Bugg issue>[juci]: undefined TypeError

comments: Error like: "TypeError: self.callbacks[e.type] is undefined" is fixed.

- iopsys Version 3.7.0[edit]

  • Refs # 2521 Type Software Development issue>add cgroups support

comments: cgroups support is added (no GUI configuration interface yet).

  • Refs # 6481 Type Feature request issue>Backup/Restore Using Vendor Configuration Files

comments: TR181 Backup/Restore Using Vendor Configuration Files support is added.

  • Refs # 6512 Type Bugg issue>No network templates in EG300, admin view

comments: Most common network templates are pre-configured and made selectable via WebGUI.

  • Refs # 8381 Type Bugg issue>DG200 crashes on upstart after upgrade

comments: DG200 crash during reboot after upgrade issue is fixed.

  • Refs # 8598 Type Bugg issue>GPV of "."

comments: GPV reponse of "." returns fault code 9005

  • Refs # 8718 Type Software Development issue>SFP loopback test

comments: SFP loopback test is available for models with SFP modules.

  • Refs # 9109 Type Bugg issue>The 5G Wifi is forced to 802.11 AC should be in Auto in the GUI

comments: Default mode for 5G wireless radio is set to Auto.

  • Refs # 9403 Type Feature request issue>Send full software name in Wget to identify HW, SW and filesystem

comments: Changed the wget HTTP user agent field to the firmware version.

  • Refs # 9407 Type Bugg issue>VG50 status led do not turn off

comments: VG50: Now possible to turn of the Status LED using uci/JUCI

  • Refs # 9413 Type Bugg issue>DG150v2: no wifi led in ubus

comments: DG150v2 and DG150ALv2: Wireless LED is now controlled by software in a way similar to other Inteno products.

  • Refs # 9439 Type Bugg issue>(EG300)  : icwmpd crash when asterisk service is stopped

comments: when asterisk is stopped the codec list will not be available.

  • Refs # 9458 Type Bugg issue>DECT still paired after factory reset (DG400)

comments: All DECT handsets are unregistered upon defaultreset.

  • Refs # 9484 Type Bugg issue>Repeater mode WPs pair ok but wifi WAN not going up

comments: Repeater connects to Master AP without requiring a reboot.

  • Refs # 9485 Type Bugg issue>Watchdog must be default activated (INT)

comments: iwatchdog is enabled by default.

  • Refs # 9486 Type Bugg issue>Repeater not displayed in WiFi stats

comments: Wireless Repeater is seen as wireless client by MASTER AP.

  • Refs # 9502 Type Bugg issue>Interface status not working on 3.x

comments: Ethernet interface status is shown correctly by icwmp.

  • Refs # 9582 Type Software Development issue>JUCI: support depending on file/ubus object in juci configuration in order to hide/show a page

comments: Added support for depending JUCI GUI pages on files, ubus objects and methods.

  • Refs # 9587 Type Bugg issue>Login banner shows Barrier Breaker but should show Chaos Calmer

comments: 3.7.0 is now Chaos Breaker 14.07/15.05 because of new fs from Chaos Calmer but no new kernel so for instance buffer bloat algorithms wont work.

  • Refs # 9632 Type Bugg issue>JUCI Bugs found in 3.6.0

comments: Some JUCI bugs found in earlier releases are fixed.

  • Refs # 9633 Type Bugg issue>DECT: decmngr2 ubus call dect handset '{"list":""}' is timing out

comments: Fixed a race condition where the GUI hanged while trying to get the list of Dect handsets.

  • Refs # 9635 Type Bugg issue>DECT: ubus dect object continuously being removed/added

comments: Fixed a problem where internal ubus crashed.

  • Refs # 9687 Type Bugg issue>Syslog settings missing in JUCI

comments: LOG settings can be set via JUCI.

- iopsys Version 3.6.2[edit]

  • Refs # 9735 Type Software Development issue>ACL for UCI sections

comments: Access restriction per UCI sections is supported.

  • Refs # 9740 Type Bugg issue>WEB GUI: upnp service not working

comments: JUCI: MiniUPNP service can be enabled via GUI.

  • Refs # 9741 Type Bugg issue>MINIDLNA: Invalid service state information

comments: JUCI: MiniDLNA info is shown only if it is enabled.

- iopsys Version 3.6.0[edit]

  • Refs # 7106 Type Software Development issue>sysupgrade support for signed image

comments: System can be configured to only accept signed firmware images.

  • Refs # 7708 Type Software Development issue>DECT VoIP Call Function

comments: Unified Dect hardware support across products and architectures finished. All wiresless Dect handsets got a common API.

  • Refs # 8142 Type Software Development issue>JUCI - DECT - Add a full functioning DECT based on ubus objects of new dectmngr

comments: Full functional JUCI DECT page.

  • Refs # 8175 Type Bugg issue>DECT Pairing button not working (DG400)

comments: DG400: DECT function is supported.

  • Refs # 8177 Type Bugg issue>DECT missing in DG400 sw 3.4.1

comments: DECT is available for ARM platforms.

  • Refs # 8303 Type Software Development issue>signed packages

comments: System can be configured to only allow signed ipk packages.

  • Refs # 8441 Type Bugg issue>get/set of parameters LANEthernetInterfaceConfig

comments: Bug fixed for get/set of parameters LANEthernetInterfaceConfig in data model for TR098 and TR181.

  • Refs # 8496 Type Bugg issue>DG400 unstable and crash every 24h or less

comments: DG400: is released with BRCM 4.16L05, which is more stable.

  • Refs # 8501 Type Bugg issue>When wan is bridge EG300 request IP twice in boot

comments: A bridge now updates its MAC address based on the MAC address of a member device/interface. Decide the bridge macaddr as follows: 1. Choose any macaddr from a member of the bridge 2. Choose macaddr from an uplink, if the bridge has a member that is an uplink. Choose the mac based on priority, in the following order: 2.1 Chooose maccdr from ptmX.X 2.2 Chooose maccdr from atmX.X (if no ptm uplink is a member of the bridge) 2.3 Chooose maccdr from ethX.X (if no ptm nor atm upliks are members of the bridge) 2.4 Chooose maccdr from wlX (if no ptm nor atm nor eth uplinks are members of the bridge) 3. Choose the macaddr from a device in alphabetical order (if two uplinks of the same type are members in the bridge)

The changes are applied by nnetifd whenever an interface joins or leaves the router.

  • Refs # 8518 Type Bugg issue>/mnt should be in tmpfs

comments: USB: Mount points for connected media is now created in a tmpfs mounted on top of /mnt.

  • Refs # 8574 Type Bugg issue>DECT: No voice sound after pairing again

comments: DECT: Sound is transmitted direct after pairing (no restart of CPE is needed).

  • Refs # 8597 Type Software Development issue>TR181

comments: TR181 supported.

  • Refs # 8717 Type Software Development issue>Check number of bad nand blocks and then give a educated guess if the device is at then end of its life.

comments: Added utility /sbin/nand_health to evaluate NAND wear level.

  • Refs # 8737 Type Software Development issue>4.16L.05

comments: DG400 is now built on Broadcom SDK release 4.16L.05

  • Refs # 8840 Type Bugg issue>Sercomm need to be able to write wlanFeature from IOPSYS

comments: Possible to change value of wlanFeature NVRAM parameter from IOPSYS

  • Refs # 8845 Type Bugg issue>ip_mr_cache

comments: IGMP packets are prioritized correctly.

  • Refs # 8936 Type Bugg issue>CWMP: Wireless radio channel

comments: Wireless 2.4G default bandwidth is set to 20MHz.

  • Refs # 8946 Type Software Development issue>Cwmp Amendment 5 including Annex K

comments: Cwmp Amendment 5 including Annex K supported.

  • Refs # 8984 Type Bugg issue>procd will respawn processes killed by sysupgrade script

comments: upgrade: Services stopped using init scripts, thus preventing them from being restarted by procd in the middle of the upgrade.

  • Refs # 8999 Type Software Development issue>GUI: Overview LAN widget add more info for clients

comments: JUCI: link speed is shown for wired clients

  • Refs # 9016 Type Bugg issue>GUI: QoS missing some parameters

comments: Exposed all QoS to web GUI.

  • Refs # 9022 Type Bugg issue>JUCI crashes if rpc ubus calls are missing

comments: Fixed by removing all ubus calls from $rpc and added a method called $call to $rpc that makes sure that the ubus call exists before calling it. If the object does not exist on ubus it will fail the same way as if you get access denied except that the error message will be that the object/method wasn't found

  • Refs # 9060 Type Bugg issue>Startup freezes with zombie process

comments: Fixed occasional freezes during boot.

  • Refs # 9108 Type Bugg issue>No WMF in 3.5.4 SW in the GUI

comments: WMF (Wireless Multicast Forwarding) is now supported in the webgui.

  • Refs # 9126 Type Bugg issue>DECT registration fails

comments: DECT registration and unpairing is working.

  • Refs # 9128 Type Bugg issue>CWMP: Voice line configuration and web gui

comments: TR069/WebGUI voice lines configuration is synced.

  • Refs # 9130 Type Feature request issue>CWMP: Wireless interface radio

comments: X_INTENO_SE_Frequency parameter (r/w) added under InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.{i}.WLANConfiguration.{i}.

  • Refs # 9131 Type Bugg issue>CWMP: WEP + Web GUI

comments: TR069/WebGUI wireless encryption configuration is synced.

  • Refs # 9144 Type Bugg issue>CWMP: Wireless add/delete network through web gui

comments: TR069/WebGUI wireless network configuration is synced.

  • Refs # 9146 Type Bugg issue>registered voice account, voice led do not lit

comments: Voice led is lit when voice account is registered

  • Refs # 9149 Type Bugg issue>Juci xdsl page are missing options

comments: JUCI pages have support for set ADSL parameters.

  • Refs # 9155 Type Bugg issue>JUCI Bugs found in 3.5.5

comments: Juci several web pages have been corrected.

  • Refs # 9169 Type Bugg issue>Juci Eventlog in GUI

comments: Access Denied error in download log file is fixed.

  • Refs # 9173 Type Bugg issue>WiFi LED eok state problem on DG301

comments: Added wireless eok state for DG301 and DG301AL.

  • Refs # 9198 Type Bugg issue>LED panel sensitivity control / WiFi Ghost off event

comments: Touchpanel button detect happens after proximity detect to prevent ghost presses.

  • Refs # 9242 Type Bugg issue>GUI: WiFi Status->WiFi Scan channel graph distorted

comments: Wireless channel graph is improved.

  • Refs # 9323 Type Software Development issue>touch panel. Detect accidental press.

comments: Detect if touch panel is covered. (limit possibility of unintentional press).

  • Refs # 9324 Type Software Development issue>touchpanel: button detect must happen after proximity detect.

comments: touchpanel: button detect must happen after proximity detect.

  • Refs # 9397 Type Bugg issue>Sometimes /etc/config/leds is not populated with all leds

comments: LED's can be enabled/disabled from the webgui (SYSTEM->Hardware->LEDs)

  • Refs # 9426 Type Bugg issue>JUCI Bugs found in 3.6.0 Test Release

comments: Juci several web pages have been corrected.

  • Refs # 9463 Type Bugg issue>DECT do not transmitt sound after pairing (CPE need to be rebooted)

comments: DECT: Sound is transmitted after registration.

  • Refs # 9470 Type Bugg issue>HW model not correct in overview page

comments: DSL annex extension is removed from non-dsl routers.

  • Refs # 9499 Type Bugg issue>Juci erros with special network configs

comments: Default gateway requirement removed from Network->Static Routes.

  • Refs # 9501 Type Bugg issue>Juci: Software upgrade notifier not working

comments: New software available notification added to JUCI.

- iopsys Version 3.5.5[edit]

  • Refs # 8455 Type Feature request issue>Make DSL Annex configurable in CFE

comments: CFE: DSL annex can now be changed using the 'b' command.

  • Refs # 8608 Type Bugg issue>connection request become denied when ACS is unreachable

comments: The firewall rule is updated on a wrong way when the ACS become unreachable

  • Refs # 8665 Type Feature request issue>add iup -v on startup

comments: Provisioning script iup is started in verbose mode by default.

  • Refs # 8771 Type Bugg issue>Unwanted open Broadcom SSID

comments: If all virtual wireless interfaces are deleted, Broadcom SSID is not shown.

  • Refs # 8821 Type Software Development issue>Add support for enabling/disabling LEDs

comments: Added support for enabling/disabling each LED individually.

  • Refs # 8827 Type Bugg issue>DHCP Leasetime reported wrong on TR069

comments: DHCP leasetime value conversion bug in icwmp is fixed.

  • Refs # 8865 Type Bugg issue>[juci]: Passwords for accounts with some special characters don't work

comments: setting password functionality is moved to ubus (router password_set) and added on-enter functionality

  • Refs # 8866 Type Bugg issue>[juci]: Passwords for config backup with some special characters don't work

comments: A reg-exp check is added so that no special characters are allowed in the password.

  • Refs # 8884 Type Software Development issue>Improve WiFi Status page to show all connected clients for each wifi interface with details

comments: Added wireless status page that shows radios, their interfaces and connected clients.

  • Refs # 8893 Type Software Development issue>JUCI Bugs/Change Reuqests/Feature Requests

comments: JUCI is stabilized with all around bug fixes.

  • Refs # 8907 Type Bugg issue>EXT LED is lit (3.4.4/3.5.5)

comments: EXT led is lit only if TV ping URL is configured.

  • Refs # 8908 Type Bugg issue>GUI:error message on Status

comments: JUCI: cannot ready property of undefined map error in Overview page is fixed

  • Refs # 8909 Type Bugg issue>GUI: BF shown in 2.4G radio

comments: JUCI: wireless beamforming option cannot be set for 2.4G radio.

  • Refs # 8913 Type Bugg issue>GUI: mobile app selection WiFi distort view

comments: Added some CSS to make sure juci-list-editor and juci-config-line look good in all resolutions. Test: manually look att pages on phone or by simulating a phone with desktop browser

  • Refs # 8916 Type Bugg issue>When reading Backup.tar.gz in to the box the configuration is different between 3.4 and 3.5

comments: ports config is repopulated if it has old style config structure

  • Refs # 8926 Type Bugg issue>GUI: Juci DMZ host warning window not pretty

comments: JUCI DMZ warning message is corrected

  • Refs # 8969 Type Change request issue>GUI: : System->Power Management cleanup

comments: DDRAM self refresh which is not common for all models are removed from GUI and help message for CPU wait is added

  • Refs # 8986 Type Bugg issue>CG300 repeater customer configs

comments: Switching to WAN cable uplink does not interfere with the configuration of other ports anymore.

  • Refs # 8997 Type Bugg issue>GUI: not possible to cancel once Wifi shotcut pressed

comments: JUCI: not being able to cancel editing Wireless via overview widget issue is fixed

  • Refs # 8998 Type Software Development issue>GUI: Split menus (DNA)

comments: Changed following pages from accordion to tabset:

  • Multi-WAN
  • UPNP
  • mini DLNA
  • DHCP
  • XDSL
  • Refs # 9000 Type Software Development issue>GUI: allow adding static lease and port forward with one click

comments: Divided modal that appears when clicking on a client in lan-overview-widget into tabs and added info about client on first tab, port-forwarding on tab 2 and static lease on tab 3

  • Refs # 9005 Type Bugg issue>Can not remove top bar tabs when configuring basic view

comments: If you add: list modes 'expert' the menu item will only be shown in expert mode. It does not hinder the user from accessing the pages under but they will be hidden.

  • Refs # 9027 Type Bugg issue>WiFi status per client

comments: Detailed wireless information per client can be seen in Status -> WiFi Status page

  • Refs # 9046 Type Bugg issue>remote script execution does not work

comments: Remote script execution is now standard available in the ice-client of the iopsys firmware

  • Refs # 9047 Type Software Development issue>WiFi: AP send credentials to clients (DNA)


  • Refs # 9077 Type Bugg issue>iup does not continue with option 128 if same firmware version is received by option 224

comments: iup continues handling DHCP options if the firmware version received by option 224 is same as the running one.

  • Refs # 9151 Type Software Development issue>iup improvement: option 224 does not wait for dns connectivity

comments: IUP option 224 handling failing because of DNS resolve issue is fixed

- iopsys Version 3.5.4/3.4.4[edit]

  • Refs # 3860 Type Feature request issue>DHCP Option FW upgrade using Option224 (IUP)

comments: IUP option 224 support is added

  • Refs # 5839 Type Bugg issue>Ubus call network reload drops static routes

comments: ubus call network reload does not drop static routes

  • Refs # 7174 Type Bugg issue>DG150: Voice LED is not lit when voice is configured/up (NGT)

comments: DG150:Voice LED is now lit when voice is configured or in state up. WPS led blink quickly when you lift the phone (OFFHOOK) in DG150 but not in DG150V2.

  • Refs # 7408 Type Software Development issue>WiFi Repeater Mode activation through LED (WiFi repeater solution step 1)

comments: Features: Repeater mode is activated via WPS longpress which is currently set to 4 seconds. All LEDs blink 5 times if WPS client receives credentials, else it reverts to previous mode/settings. Subsequent WPS longpress will activate WPS client mode again.

Remarks: WPS client only works for 2.4GHz currently (5GHz is TBD). WAN port needs to be disabled in customer config The LED behaviour for repeater mode is unchanged from routed mode. Waiting for an update to LED code before changing this.

  • Refs # 7772 Type Bugg issue>Failure to upgrade in CFE mode

comments: EG300: CFE SW upgrade doesn't work with LAN port 4. Use Port 1,2 or 3.

  • Refs # 7851 Type Feature request issue>Juci add enable disable stop start buttons for services

comments: Added services page to juci web-GUI containing start, stop and enable buttons.

  • Refs # 8022 Type Bugg issue>Save config to USB-stick don't flush

comments: Saving generated config archive to USB-stick works

  • Refs # 8084 Type Software Development issue>Vendor id and hostname not default when you create a new interface

comments: A new network connection added in JUCI will have a default vendor id and hostname set

  • Refs # 8123 Type Feature request issue>Port forward på MGMT portar (OwnIT)

comments: Port forwarding of used ports is not allowed

  • Refs # 8136 Type Software Development issue>JUCI - System - Add Power Management page

comments: JUCI: Power management page added.

  • Refs # 8139 Type Software Development issue>JUCI - SNMP - Add SNMP page

comments: SNMP page is available in JUCI

  • Refs # 8211 Type Bugg issue>Brcm true random number generator (TRNG) not set up properly

comments: Hardware random generator used (when available) to increase boot-time initial randomness.

  • Refs # 8239 Type Software Development issue>Wireless Repeater and AP mirror mode.

comments: When in repeater mode, detect ethernet cable on WAN port. Switch to wired interface when cable is connected, and disconnect wireless client. When cable is disconnected, automatically connect wireless client.

  • Refs # 8361 Type Bugg issue>PPTP VPN crash the unit

comments: PPTP VPN connect/disconnect crashes the unit issue is fixed

  • Refs # 8382 Type Bugg issue>OpenVPN missing from DG400-WU7U_INT3.4.3RC1-151214_0553

comments: DG400:OpenVPN support added.

  • Refs # 8400 Type Bugg issue>CG300 repeater mode WPS pairing not working after 3.4

comments: WiFi Repeater mode is working

  • Refs # 8454 Type Bugg issue>br-wan mac address changes upon unplug/plug of ethernet wan device as well as when changing between routed/bridged mode

comments: br-wan mac address changes upon unplug/plug of ethernet wan device issue is fixed

  • Refs # 8493 Type Bugg issue>Samba authentication is not working

comments: samba version is upgraded to 3.0.37

  • Refs # 8543 Type Feature request issue>JUCI - Add configuration page where admin can add users and also select which pages/sections other users can access

comments: Juci: admin pages added.

  • Refs # 8589 Type Bugg issue>Activate WPS in client mode with WPS button long press

comments: Long WPS button press activates WPS in client mode.

  • Refs # 8604 Type Change request issue>Read out CATV values from EG300 with TR069


  • Refs # 8609 Type Bugg issue>SPA of many parameters causes segmentation fault

comments: The icwmpd freeze is due to value associated to the parameter (null value) and not to the number of parameters

  • Refs # 8625 Type Feature request issue>CFE rescue with UBIFS image

comments: CFE upgrade/rescue directly to UBIFS using a new image format, .y2 (CFE version "...-INT1.3" and later).

  • Refs # 8626 Type Feature request issue>Copy same FS image to second bank on upgrade to UBIFS

comments: A copy of the same image is written to the second bank when upgrading from JFFS2 to UBIFS or at CFE rescue to UBIFS.

  • Refs # 8641 Type Bugg issue>Wireless tx/rx rate

comments: Wireless tx/rx rate corrected output from "ubus call router clients"

  • Refs # 8645 Type Bugg issue>web page wrong title

comments: Title for WebGUI Voice->Lines page contains DECT string only on boxes with DECT

  • Refs # 8680 Type Bugg issue>CFE switches bootbank on entering CLI

comments: No longer changes boot bank when entering CFE mode using the reset button (boot bank can still be changed by consecutive press/release)

  • Refs # 8681 Type Bugg issue>kernel last log do not exist on ARM based SOC.

comments: possible to read previous kernel log on DG400 and other ARM based products.

  • Refs # 8682 Type Bugg issue>Reset button not working in 3.4.3

comments: DG150v2 Reset button is working

  • Refs # 8684 Type Feature request issue>printout full software name during bootup

comments: Software version is printed at boot.

  • Refs # 8686 Type Bugg issue>WIFI/ECO button not working in 3.4.3

comments: DG150v2 WiFi button is working

  • Refs # 8695 Type Bugg issue>No dialtone after voice conf

comments: No dialtone after voice configuration issue caused by asterisk starting before the router gets online issue is fixed

  • Refs # 8701 Type Software Development issue>QoS in Iopsys like it is in OpenWRT

comments: QoS bandwidth limitation feature is added

  • Refs # 8708 Type Bugg issue>new ice-client versio 3.4.1-RC6

comments: new ice-client version 3.4.1-RC6:

fixes: Ignore SIGTERM because it can make the iperf component stop the ice client at the end of a test memory overrun due to memory alignment of structures using sizeof malloc

  • Refs # 8729 Type Bugg issue>Supported video codecs not updated from voice_codecs file

comments: Supported video codecs are updated from voice_codecs file

  • Refs # 8769 Type Software Development issue>JUCI - CATV and SFP pages as in LUCI

comments: CATV and SFP pages are added in JUCI

  • Refs # 8787 Type Bugg issue>IUP shutdown by default if using old provisioning file

comments: IUP is enabled by default

  • Refs # 8807 Type Software Development issue>JUCI - xDSL page to set xDSL modulation and capabilities

comments: JUCI xDSL page is added

  • Refs # 8832 Type Software Development issue>Repeater: Open WebGUI in FW and change port

comments: Port 8080 is opened in repeater mode.

  • Refs # 8833 Type Software Development issue>Repeater: Change VendorID and DHCP Client ID

comments: Hostname and Vendorname are changed to Inteno_Repeater_$MAC2 in repeater

- iopsys Version 3.5.3[edit]

  • Refs # 8135 Type Software Development issue>JUCI - System - Add support for adding authorize keys and choosing which interface(s) dropbear should listen on


  • Refs # 8143 Type Software Development issue>JUCI - DHCP & DNS page with advanced configuration settings as in LUCI

comments: Added dnsmasq config page

  • Refs # 8152 Type Software Development issue>JUCI - NETWORK - Add support for full network protocol configurations same as in LUCI

comments: Added widgets for managing all different protocols in Juci. The different widgets is displayed when you choose the corresponding protocol for a network connection and should contain every setting you might want to set for that protocol

  • Refs # 8523 Type Feature request issue>Update ip addresses and masks to properly validate and split current ip validator into multiple specific ones described below

comments: added: Multicast validator not multicast validator (just checking that it is a valid ip and not in multicast range) netmask validator CIDR validator

- iopsys Version 3.4.3[edit]

  • Refs # 6514 Type Bugg issue>IGMP routed PPPoE WAN not working

comments: Changed how the init script writes the config-file for mcpd-deamon

  • Refs # 6566 Type Software Development issue>DECT Power Control

comments: DECT radio is off if no handset is registered. A short press on the Dect button turns it on for handset registration. If a handset registers then radio is kept on. Deleting all handsets make the radio to turn off (until next time the button is pressed).

  • Refs # 7107 Type Bugg issue>Cannot flash IOP3 on DG150R1 (CFE and to 2.4.x sw works)

comments: DG150 is now supported by IOPSYS.

  • Refs # 7307 Type Feature request issue>Operator possibility to choose what config files are overwritten when flash new image

comments: Network Setups to select from are automatically populated from existing netmode directories

  • Refs # 7453 Type Bugg issue>Change time source for voice (NGT)

comments: /etc/localtime symlink to correct timezone file is added

  • Refs # 7528 Type Bugg issue>Change of VLAN doesn't change "eth2.101"

comments: Changing VLAN ID via WebGUI is not taking effect issue is fixed

  • Refs # 7707 Type Software Development issue>FXS VoIP Call Function (DG400)

comments: DG400: support for FXS VoIP function.

  • Refs # 8023 Type Bugg issue>bcmkernel 4.16L.04: New kernel won't boot with old CFE

comments: Known issue bcmkernel 4.16L.04: New kernel won't boot with old CFE

  • Refs # 8031 Type Bugg issue>eg300 använder ipv6 local-link adresser på bridge vlan och annat (HPS)

comments: ipv6 is disabled on unmanaged bridge

  • Refs # 8173 Type Software Development issue>Dg150 V3 ref board build (DG150v2 (128M))

comments: Added support for new boards DG150v2 and DG150ALv2.

  • Refs # 8189 Type Bugg issue>TR-069: Event 4 value change when starting cwmp with -b option

comments: When we start icwmpd with -b option, after the end of the session, session with event 4 value change must not be launched.

  • Refs # 8288 Type Bugg issue>Shows empty mac on Overview if not on WAN ETH.

comments: Show wrong WAN macaddress in WebGUI if the connection type is PPPoE issue is fixed

  • Refs # 8289 Type Bugg issue>Not possible to disable IUP in 3.4.1

comments: DHCP Options 66 67 128 will be asked only if IUP is enabled. DHCP Option 43 will be asked only if CWMP DHCP discovery is enabled.

  • Refs # 8292 Type Bugg issue>Led Panel ON/OFF in WEBGUI ( temporary solution)

comments: LED panel light status can now be enabled/disabled from the webgui (system-boardpanel)

  • Refs # 8298 Type Bugg issue>VIDEO call does not work through asterisk

comments: asterisk video support is enabled

  • Refs # 8307 Type Software Development issue>iup needs to be able to migrate from jffs2 to UBIfs with same version number

comments: iup can now handle UBIFS and JFFS2 with same version and do a upgrade

  • Refs # 8312 Type Bugg issue>FSX ports switched for inbound calls

comments: DG400:FSX ports are now correct.

  • Refs # 8317 Type Bugg issue>Software notification button on webgui (appear in all SW even customer builds)

comments: WebGUI Software notification is disabled on standard Inteno firmware.

  • Refs # 8318 Type Bugg issue>perfmanger button handling not working.

comments: Longpress button is now fixed

  • Refs # 8329 Type Bugg issue>Fix QoS

comments: QoS package is removed from default Inteno firmware.

  • Refs # 8345 Type Bugg issue>Production LED test fails

comments: ledctl: Removed error messages at correct usage, restricted to production test.

  • Refs # 8401 Type Bugg issue>Perform Reset button is missing in 3.4.2B

comments: Resetbutton is back.

  • Refs # 8410 Type Bugg issue>TFTP from CFE working poorly in 4.16L.04

comments: cfe: Extended tftp loading time-out.

  • Refs # 8413 Type Bugg issue>Wifi AC indicator led not blue on CG300 or DG301

comments: CG300 lights blue WiFi led if 5G radio is on.

  • Refs # 8414 Type Bugg issue>DG400 software Suggestions, flow control and DDR refresh rate

comments: DG400: DDR refresh rate set to "high temperature" for extended temperature operation (0-95degC).

  • Refs # 8417 Type Bugg issue>User can not edit wireless when interface is wan

comments: User can now edit wireless properly.

  • Refs # 8428 Type Bugg issue>CWMP: Wireless configuration in 3.4.3RC2

comments: Loopback interface must not be considered as lan interface even if the is_lan option equals '1'.

  • Refs # 8452 Type Bugg issue>imagewrite uses big endian JFFS2 clean markers on little endian system

comments: dg400: Upgrade tool now writes correct JFFS2 clean markers.

  • Refs # 8458 Type Feature request issue>Board profile for DG200AL

comments: Added support for new product: DG200AL.

  • Refs # 8480 Type Bugg issue>DG301ALAC suddenly hangs during boot 3.4.2

comments: firewall reload hangs issue is fixed

  • Refs # 8533 Type Bugg issue>ICE Client version in 3.4.3

comments: ice client version: R3.4.1-RC1

General fixes: Memory, file descriptor leaks pkgmgr times out on install of package pkgmgr kills opkg process when it fails which solves 100% CPU issue on corrupt packages guest packages to support WifiJoe (add zone rule to forward between guest and wan, add extra lan rules) Registration and recovery ice-client upgrade ice-client restart when not connected to the cloud camerawatch check camera info regardless of devicetype Cleanup logging

Feature: File transfer with recover functionality using checksum files from download server encrypted websocket using diffie hellman allowing localhost addition of extra functionality pkg mgr non-blocking

  • Refs # 8580 Type Bugg issue>procd memory leak

comments: procd memory leak issue is fixed

  • Refs # 8582 Type Bugg issue>CWMP: Reboot RPC

comments: remove the /etc/icwmpd/.icwmpd_boot file after sending the event 1 BOOT instead of removing it after the launch of icwmpd when wan interface became UP

- iopsys Version 3.4.2[edit]

  • Refs # 4333 Type Feature request issue>LANHostConfigManagement parameters

comments: Support for TR-069 DHCP server GET and SET parameters

  • Refs # 6078 Type Feature request issue>Disable WMM Advertise via TR-69

comments: add new parameter InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.{i}.WLANConfiguration.{i}.WMMEnable for Enable/Disable WMM Advertise via TR-69

  • Refs # 6694 Type Feature request issue>DFS Channel Selection enable by TR69

comments: parameter InternetGatewayDevice.X_INTENO_SE_Wifi.Radio.{i}.DFSEnable is added

  • Refs # 6709 Type Feature request issue>Get RPC methods button in web GUI

comments: Get RPC Methods button is added to WebGUI TR069 page

  • Refs # 7364 Type Bugg issue>voice ubus events does work properly

comments: Fixed asterisk to so it sends ONHOOK and OFFHOOK events.

  • Refs # 7509 Type Feature request issue>TR069: IPPingDiagnostics

comments: All parameters listed in are added under InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics. except DSCP. The parameters names are the follwing:

  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.DiagnosticsState
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.Interface
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.Host
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.NumberOfRepetitions
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.Timeout
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.DataBlockSize
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.SuccessCount
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.FailureCount
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.AverageResponseTime
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.MinimumResponseTime
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.MaximumResponseTime
  • Refs # 7554 Type Software Development issue>bad file system should result in changing of boot bank

comments: If root mount fails or /etc/preinit is not found while booting, the boot bank is switched (latest<->previous).

  • Refs # 7590 Type Bugg issue>CWMPD process does not start until 5 minutes after boot

comments: issue not reproduced with the new ICWMP releases since there is no build of the cache and waiting for asterisk is 60 seconds max.

  • Refs # 7727 Type Bugg issue>CATV Display view cleanup

comments: WebGUI CATV page is divided into two parts as basic and advanced view

  • Refs # 7759 Type Software Development issue>Get Broadcom's wlmngr working on iopsys

comments: Broadcom's wlconf utility is usedd to configure WiFi

  • Refs # 7806 Type Bugg issue>Order of ethernet device initialization

comments: Plugin in external Ethernet cards will now not affect the order.

  • Refs # 7856 Type Feature request issue>TR-069: Missing WAN stats

comments: The parameters added are:


InternetGatewayDevice.WANDevice.{i}.WANConnectionDevice.{i}.WANPPPConnection.{i}.Stats.EthernetBytesReceived InternetGatewayDevice.WANDevice.{i}.WANConnectionDevice.{i}.WANPPPConnection.{i}.Stats.EthernetBytesSent InternetGatewayDevice.WANDevice.{i}.WANConnectionDevice.{i}.WANPPPConnection.{i}.Stats.EthernetPacketsReceived InternetGatewayDevice.WANDevice.{i}.WANConnectionDevice.{i}.WANPPPConnection.{i}.Stats.EthernetPacketsSent


InternetGatewayDevice.WANDevice.{i}.WANConnectionDevice.{i}.WANIPConnection.{i}.Stats.EthernetBytesReceived InternetGatewayDevice.WANDevice.{i}.WANConnectionDevice.{i}.WANIPConnection.{i}.Stats.EthernetBytesSent InternetGatewayDevice.WANDevice.{i}.WANConnectionDevice.{i}.WANIPConnection.{i}.Stats.EthernetPacketsReceived InternetGatewayDevice.WANDevice.{i}.WANConnectionDevice.{i}.WANIPConnection.{i}.Stats.EthernetPacketsSent

  • Refs # 7926 Type Bugg issue>replace samba36 with samba3

comments: Replaced samba 3.6 with samba 3.0.24 to avoid GPLv3.

  • Refs # 7973 Type Feature request issue>Brcm 4.16L.04: Backport Bluetooth suppport from Linux 3.19

comments: Bluetooth support has been re added to brcm 4.16.04

  • Refs # 8088 Type Bugg issue>WAN LED shall be lit for xDSL too (DG200/DG400)

comments: dg200/dg400: WAN LED now lights up for xDSL too. WAN LED now blinking again while xDSL training.

  • Refs # 8095 Type Software Development issue>Find a way to expose a relase version of CFE iw make any changes to it

comments: The CFE now has an Inteno suffix (-INTx.y) on the version number aimed to indicate the need for a CFE upgrade.

  • Refs # 8113 Type Bugg issue>Missing TX/RX per connected host

comments: RX/TX bytes and rate info for wireless clients is displayed via ubus

  • Refs # 8116 Type Bugg issue>63138 kernel does not reboot on panic

comments: DG400: Router now reboots in case of a kernel panic.

  • Refs # 8118 Type Software Development issue>procdify icwmpd init script

comments: -> procdify icwmpd init script. -> remove file from Makefile

  • Refs # 8159 Type Software Development issue>Add support for setting hostname for IPv6 addresses

comments: Added support for setting hostname for IPv6 addresses

  • Refs # 8181 Type Bugg issue>TR-069: LAN3 won't change from LAN to IPTV bridge

comments: -> bugg fixed: you can change "MarkingBridgeReference" from LAN to IPTV bridge via TR069

  • Refs # 8182 Type Bugg issue>TR-069: icwmpd requires manual restart after making configuration changes in GUI

comments: icwmpd is not reloaded after making configuration changes in GUI issue is fixed

  • Refs # 8187 Type Bugg issue>TR-069: Wireless guest network not in LANDevice tree

comments: Display Wireless guest network in LANDevice tree. Fix the management of wlanconfiguration instances

  • Refs # 8201 Type Feature request issue>Add IGMPv2 SSM enforcing check box

comments: Added a checkbox under IGMP Proxy page in luci to enable watching non SSM multicast on the dedicated SSM range (

  • Refs # 8210 Type Bugg issue>Incoming VOIP not ringing in handset

comments: Eg300 teleavox issue fixed

  • Refs # 8231 Type Feature request issue>Obfuscate the CFE password

comments: CFE password now uses better hash and also imposes a delay after failed password attempts.

  • Refs # 8232 Type Bugg issue>LUCI Realtime Graphs page is not showing WAN traffic sometimes

comments: Realtime Graphs WAN traffic not shown issue is fixed

  • Refs # 8257 Type Software Development issue>Add timeout option to ubus led object

comments: Add timeout to ubus led interface.

  • Refs # 8267 Type Bugg issue>upgrade from .w to .y dont work

comments: Partial solved iup now Handel's UBIFs files will open another ticket to make iup be able to handle same version name but different file endings.

  • Refs # 8271 Type Bugg issue>Voice FXS port order swapped between GUI and box print

comments: dg400: "Tel 1" and "Tel 2" in GUI Voice config now matches print on device.

  • Refs # 8283 Type Bugg issue>Enable Beamforming on 5G (INT sw)

comments: Beamforming on 5G card is enabled by default

  • Refs # 8284 Type Bugg issue>Dectshim driver sometimes crashes when loaded

comments: dect drivers loaded only when needed.

  • Refs # 8349 Type Bugg issue>Changing wan conntype from IP_Bridged to IP_Routed results in losing IP connection

comments: Losing IP connection caused by changing connection type from IP_Bridged to IP_Routed via TR069 issue is fixed

- iopsys Version 3.4.0[edit]

  • Refs # 7192 Type Software Development issue>Ubi fs needs to beable to handel Software Upgrade Count: as it is now its looking in the wrong place for cferam count

comments: Boot script output of "Software Upgrade Count" now works for UBIFS too.

  • Refs # 7193 Type Software Development issue>add new line to db get for ubifs

comments: Added filesystem info in HW DB: - Set correct value for hw.board.cferam for UBIFS too. - Added new parameter hw.board.filesystem = {JFFS2,UBIFS} - Added new parameter = {high,low}

- iopsys Version 3.3.0[edit]

  • Refs # 6424 Type Software Development issue>Redesign FLASH layout and upgrading using UBIFS

comments: Added support for using UBIFS for the root file system.

A new format has been introduced for the UBIFS download images and the build system is now able to produce both the old JFFS2 based format (.w) and the new UBIFS based format (.y). To handle the new format, old systems must first be upgraded using an old format image before a new format image can be downloaded to convert the system to UBIFS. The upgrade to UBIFS includes repartitioning the FLASH so it may take longer than usual.

The UBIFS image generation is disabled by default but can be activated in the configuration.

- iopsys Version 3.2.19[edit]

  • Refs # 6566 Type Software Development issue>DECT Power Control

comments: DECT radio is off if no handset is registered. A short press on the Dect button turns it on for handset registration. If a handset registers then radio is kept on. Deleting all handsets make the radio to turn off (until next time the button is pressed).

  • Refs # 7276 Type Bugg issue>reboot disappears from config file when its enabled in webgui under provisioning

comments: reboot option will now be added to config when its enabled in webgui under provisioning IUP

  • Refs # 7282 Type Feature request issue>DHCP option 132 requests enabled using config reqopts.

comments: option 'reqopts' '132 133' are added to default conf /etc/config/network and can be removed to make it stop asking for option 132 and option 133.

  • Refs # 7310 Type Software Development issue>TR69 parameters needed to monitor and control the CATV modules

comments: InternetGatewayDevice.DeviceInfo.X_INTENO_SE_CATVEnabled added

- iopsys Version 3.2.18[edit]

  • Refs # 7253 Type Bugg issue>WiFi BSSID MAC not same as kernelMAC for secondary SSID on 5G

comments: MAC addresses of the wireless virtual interfaces are set correctly to fix the BSSID/MAC mismatch issue

- iopsys Version 3.2.17[edit]

  • Refs # 3498 Type Feature request issue>DMZ functionality

comments: Added DMZ Host functionality

  • Refs # 5580 Type Feature request issue>Enable AnnexM

comments: new parameter with support for AnnexMEnable enable : InternetGatewayDevice.WANDevice.$dev.WANDSLInterfaceConfig.X_INTENO_SE_AnnexMEnable

  • Refs # 5777 Type Feature request issue>InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.{i}.Hosts.Host.{i}.InterfaceType

comments: cwmp InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.{i}.Hosts.Host.{i}.InterfaceType added

  • Refs # 5869 Type Feature request issue>CWMP: wi-fi max clients

comments: new cwmp parameters added InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.{i}.WLANConfiguration.{j}. X_Inteno_Wifi X_Inteno_Wifi_Radio X_Inteno_Wifi_Radio.{i} X_Inteno_Wifi_Radio.{i}.FrequencyBand > (wlctl -i wl{x} status |grep "Chanspec") X_Inteno_Wifi_Radio.{i}.MaxAssociation > (uci get wireless.wl{x}.maxassoc)

  • Refs # 6579 Type Feature request issue>DDM TX/RX Power in dBm and mW

comments: Show SPF power level as dBm as well as mW.

  • Refs # 6689 Type Bugg issue>TR069: DSL stats shown under wrong interface

comments: VDSL the DSL stats are where being shown under the ADSL part of the datamodel. but is now fixed

  • Refs # 7119 Type Bugg issue>WEBGUI: user account views show operator info (HPS and OwnIT)

comments: updates to user account removed some things the user should not be able to change.

  • Refs # 7122 Type Feature request issue>CWMP: Call out lines

comments: new cwmp parameter added InternetGatewayDevice.Services.VoiceService.{i}.VoiceProfile.{i}.Line.{i}.X_002207_BCMLine

  • Refs # 7176 Type Feature request issue>Ethctl add support for auto-negotiation levels

comments: WAN and LAN maximum auto negotiation speed can be set (up to speed x, not just only speed x).

  • Refs # 7312 Type Bugg issue>LAN1 not working in 100M on about 80% of units

comments: eg300 lan1 issue rework. change the config file to a bitmask of ports to have dynamic gtxclk activated.

- iopsys Version 3.2.16[edit]

  • Refs # 4736 Type Feature request issue>Interface statistics based failover mechanism

comments: Multiwan interface statistics based failover mechanism is added.

  • Refs # 7070 Type Software Development issue>use password on

comments: Added support for password in cfe console and cfe web interface.

  • Refs # 7177 Type Bugg issue>Change WiFi default to WPA2 only

comments: 2.4G radio and 5G radio encryption standard from WPA/WPA2 Mixed mode => WPA2-PSK WPA Group Rekey Interval = 3600

- iopsys Version 3.2.15[edit]

  • Refs # 5521 Type Software Development issue>investigate removing ami and making integrate asterisk with ubus

comments: Asterisk is integrated with ubus and ami tools is removed

  • Refs # 7032 Type Software Development issue>Full functional WPS covering push button, device pin and sta pin methods

comments: WPS STA PIN and AP PIN methods are supported

  • Refs # 7052 Type Feature request issue>Software notification button on webgui

comments: Notification icon will appear if new software is available

  • Refs # 7057 Type Software Development issue>Add support to quest for displaying DSL Stats via ubus

comments: DSL Stats can be displayed via ubus

  • Refs # 7063 Type Feature request issue>add ubus option to filter call log

comments: Call log can be filtered based on numbers

  • Refs # 7088 Type Software Development issue>Add support for Number Blocking

comments: Voice number blocking is supported

  • Refs # 7138 Type Software Development issue>Add support for populating wireless config from a preference

comments: Wireless configuration can be populated from preferred settings defined in wireless config

- iopsys Version 3.2.14[edit]

  • Refs # 3859 Type Feature request issue>IUP Support option 132 (Mgmgnt VLAN)

comments: support for DHCP Option 132 added. Device will start using information from option 132 and configure its interfaces and then reboot.

  • Refs # 6782 Type Feature request issue>QoS packages for 3.x

comments: QoS package added to default software under network.

  • Refs # 7058 Type Bugg issue>TR069: Channel parameter on WLANConfiguration.2. points to the wrong interface on AC version

comments: fixed some hard coding to better handle multiple wireless cards.

  • Refs # 7081 Type Bugg issue>dect1-4 answer on dect, one dect continue to ring 3.x.x

comments: fixed issue with using 4 dect units one dect continued to ring

  • Refs # 7117 Type Software Development issue>change model dynamically

comments: DG301A-W7P2UD with 5G AC becomes DG301A-W7P2UDAC automatically

- iopsys Version 3.2.13[edit]

  • Refs # 5773 Type Feature request issue>VOX2.5 hardware bringup

comments: initial support for VOX25 board

  • Refs # 6858 Type Bugg issue>Clients can't connect to WIFI

comments: TX buffering on wireless interface is disabled to allow clients to connect anytime

- iopsys Version 3.2.12[edit]

  • Refs # 6971 Type Software Development issue>wlmngr_setupTPs

comments: Change how we are doing set affinity to better do it the same way broadcom is doing it.

  • Refs # 6987 Type Software Development issue>make USB ports be default on from CFE

comments: usb port now are started from default.

  • Refs # 7010 Type Bugg issue>uclibc is compiled with different options in broadcom and openwrt

comments: OpenWRT ucLibc configuration changed to use same options as Broadcoms SDK is using.

- iopsys Version 3.2.8[edit]

  • Refs # 6938 Type Bugg issue>fix and clean some errors during boot

comments: Updated boot scripts, files boot and, changed date and uncommented mknods.

  • Refs # 6965 Type Bugg issue>guest Wifi not working

comments: Assured that virtual wireless interface BSSID matches its MAC addr on Linux to fix guest WiFi not working issue

- iopsys Version 3.2.7[edit]

  • Refs # 6935 Type Software Development issue>CG301 Wi-Fi Alliance test result

comments: WPA only and TKIP only options are removed from WebGUI Wireless Security page

- iopsys Version 3.2.6[edit]

  • Refs # 6477 Type Bugg issue>swmdk do not clean up socket for mdkshell when killed.

comments: swmdk now cleans up /tmp/mdkshell_sock

  • Refs # 6596 Type Bugg issue>EG300 WAN port green led is reversed.

comments: EG300 WAN port now indicate activity and link status on green led.

  • Refs # 6791 Type Bugg issue>EG300 LAN4 LED 100 Mbps incorrect

comments: EG300 LAN4 has yellow led on when link speed is 1Gbit.

  • Refs # 6823 Type Feature request issue>Improve boot log.

comments: Capture all printouts during boot into syslog.

- iopsys Version 3.2.5[edit]

  • Refs # 6557 Type Bugg issue>Sip Telefoni

comments: "Call waiting, R0, R1, R2, R3" fixes

  • Refs # 6776 Type Bugg issue>Voip production test fail, fail rate about 7%, DG301 have the same behavior when production

comments: Fixed error in SLIC parameters resulting in failure to initialize (VBAT short circuit detected).

  • Refs # 6795 Type Bugg issue>Ethernet-led efter reboot. INT3.2.4GA

comments: Always set led state for wan/lan on switch hotplug [add] event.

- iopsys Version 3.2.4[edit]

  • Refs # 6047 Type Software Development issue>CG301 Send ubus event on Cancel button press

comments: sends cancelbutton hotplug.

creates cancel led with mapping.

config led_map led_cancel list led_action_off 'Cancel_red = OFF' list led_action_ok 'Cancel_red = OFF' list led_action_notice 'Cancel_red = ON' list led_action_alert 'Cancel_red = FLASH_SLOW' list led_action_error 'Cancel_red = FLASH_FAST'

  • Refs # 6470 Type Bugg issue>EXT LED not display CATV alarm

comments: Led states for EXT on EG300 as follows

OFF = no answer on enable question to catv. no module inserted. ERROR = vpd return -inf (no cable) ALERT = alarm on vpd lo or vpd hi NOTICE = warning on vpd lo or vpdh OK = in case no other state is set.

led state mapping ok = on notice = flash slow alert = flash slow error = flash fast. off = off

  • Refs # 6541 Type Feature request issue>iperf packet installed

comments: iperf is available

  • Refs # 6765 Type Feature request issue>Security report: OTHER.12 miniDLNA

comments: minidlna is upgraded to 1.1.3 version

  • Refs # 6766 Type Feature request issue>Security report: SNMP

comments: SNMP Exec section is removed from SNMP WebGUI page and init script

  • Refs # 6767 Type Feature request issue>syslog: log 200k instead of 16k.

comments: a clean boot uses up about 60-70k of log. This way we don't overwrite it directly.

- iopsys Version 3.2.3[edit]

  • Refs # 6576 Type Bugg issue>dg301 stops hang under boot pci 0000:01:00.0: PME# supported from D0 D3hot

comments: new kernel with fix PCI hang

  • Refs # 6630 Type Feature request issue>Add note under wifi-adv regarding DFS/TPC channels

comments: Added DFS Channel Selection option (by default off)

If it is off, autochannel will not select DFS/TPC channels If it is on, autochannel might select DFS/TPC channels

There is a Note under the option which says: Some wireless devices do not support DFS/TPC channels

  • Refs # 6711 Type Software Development issue>bcmkernel needs the xml profiles to have diffrent hoockflash times

comments: new telephone profile for Nordic region hook flash for nordics min 50 max 600

  • Refs # 6712 Type Bugg issue>parental control rule add

comments: 'Blocked host' field blank/empty, 'Save & Apply' fails with the error: luci: Field validation on parental ctrl.

  • Refs # 6713 Type Software Development issue>EG300: add sanity check for accessing wan phy.

comments: status will become red if sfp phy can't be read.

  • Refs # 6714 Type Bugg issue>100 Mbit ethernet does not linkup at boot

comments: 100 Mbit Ethernet is now reinitialized during boot to fix the interface not being able to send traffic at boot.

- iopsys Version 3.2.2[edit]

  • Refs # 5662 Type Software Development issue>LED Controller Function (CG300,EG300,DG400)

comments: Led behaviours changed according to new spec

  • Refs # 5744 Type Bugg issue>Support SIP Trusted proxies in 2.4 and 3.x

comments: Fixed issue with sip_proxy list not being used

  • Refs # 5953 Type Bugg issue>DHCP-server stops assigning addresses

comments: dnsmasq: Upgrade to 2.72 refs

   Upgrade dnsmasq from 2.66 to 2.72
   *110-fix-incorrect-length-memset.patch is no longer needed as it is implemented in 2.72
   *100-fix-dhcp-no-address-warning.patch Updated to work with 2.72
  • Refs # 6427 Type Bugg issue>change name of cferam.000 to cferam.001

comments: cferam.001 now start at 1 to help xavi production

  • Refs # 6478 Type Bugg issue>Footer missing in GUI

comments: The footer is fixed on web gui

  • Refs # 6502 Type Bugg issue>IGMP snooping not working correctly

comments: minor fix to igmp mcpd config added

  • Refs # 6513 Type Bugg issue>CWMP not starting with DG301AL(-AC)

comments: Removing luci-app-voice from VG50 and DG301AL.

  • Refs # 6710 Type Software Development issue>ice-client-3.2.0RC1

comments: ice-client-3.2.0RC1 added

- iopsys Version 3.2.1[edit]

  • Refs # 4710 Type Software Development issue>EG300 Dual WAN (SFP/Copper WAN Logic) and DDM

comments: Support for dual wan with sfp added also new we page added under staus that shows the ddm values of the sfp.

  • Refs # 5384 Type Bugg issue>CATV Control and WEBGUI Status

comments: Catv Module support is added plus a status page to show that status of the CATV module. Also config on of and filter has been added.

- iopsys Version 3.2.0[edit]

  • Refs # 5185 Type Feature request issue>Port speed status

comments: If possible add this in Status-overview-PortStatus view so that moving mouse pointer over specific port would show the current speed

  • Refs # 6055 Type Software Development issue>Create 4.16L.03RC1 bcmkernel package and update build system

comments: moved to 4.16L.03 bcmkernel package

  • Refs # 6556 Type Bugg issue>Deactivate DECT radio as default setting (GA3 sw)

comments: Dect radio is default turned of and can now be configured

- iopsys Version 3.1.11[edit]

  • Refs # 6120 Type Software Development issue>New Led manager

comments: New Led manager with support for more leds and behaviours.

  • Refs # 6121 Type Software Development issue>CG300 DECT Calibration test fail rate 22% when production

comments: Old command dectcalib –e, reboot New command dect_testmode enable This will enable dect calibration without the need for reboot.

- iopsys Version 3.1.10[edit]

  • Refs # 6013 Type Software Development issue>Web Directory Traversal & Reflected Cross-Site Scripting (Security threats)

comments: Solved by new Ice client 3.1.0RC2

- iopsys Version 3.1.9[edit]

  • Refs # 5702 Type Bugg issue>software uppgrades sometimes hangs after done

comments: A deadlock could sometimes happen that caused software upgrade to be unsuccessful

- iopsys Version 3.1.8[edit]

  • Refs # 5961 Type Feature request issue>CG301 Bluetooth support

comments: Support for Bluetooth 2.1 added with bluez

  • Refs # 6031 Type Software Development issue>CG301 board bring-up

comments: New board cg301 Supported

- iopsys Version 3.1.7[edit]

  • Refs # 5471 Type Software Development issue>restore Default reset to its former glory

comments: 5 sec rule no re-added to default reset button.

- iopsys Version 3.1.6[edit]

  • Refs # 5871 Type Software Development issue>active dmesg timestamp in preinit

comments: Time stamp in syslog no comes earlier.

  • Refs # 5872 Type Software Development issue>Improvments to jffs handling

comments: patches added from linux kernel 3.4 remove lock_super remove unnecessary GC pass on umount remove unnecessary GC pass on sync get rid of jffs2_sync_super fix unmount regression

  • Refs # 5873 Type Software Development issue>Image creation: Make use of the mkfs.jffs2

comments: This is a TEMPORARY fix that uses mkfs.jffs2 to allocate the kernel

   and cfe to their own erase blocks thus making them less likely for
   garbage collection
  • Refs # 5874 Type Software Development issue>remove and/or symlink redundant libraries

comments: some redundant libraries have been removed plus extra libc

  • Refs # 5875 Type Software Development issue>add iVersion and iAntenna nvram parameters

comments: added iAntenna iVersion to nvram

  • Refs # 5876 Type Bugg issue>wireless thread consumes 50% cpu bug

comments: update bcmkernel package: patch for wireless thread consumes 50% cpu bug

- iopsys Version 3.1.2[edit]

  • Refs # 5370 Type Bugg issue>SSH connection to box not working when connected to 5GHz

comments: 5Ghz network no can route ssh packets

  • Refs # 5820 Type Bugg issue>Radar tuning commands are not working on 43602 AC wireless card

comments: Radar tunning now supported on 4_16A bcm verision

  • Refs # 5821 Type Bugg issue>DFS test detection probability fails with 43602

comments: New 43602 wireless firmware provided by Broadcom fixes the issue

- iopsys Version 3.1.1[edit]

  • Refs # 4484 Type Software Development issue>Wireless in client mode

comments: Wireless client mode in now enabled. 5G wps does not work yet.

  • Refs # 5703 Type Bugg issue>jffs: use correct crc function for calculating PADDING block crc

comments: fixed pad padding in jffs

- iopsys Version 3.1.0[edit]

  • Refs # 5348 Type Bugg issue>Country doesn't change after select US

comments: EU profile Now works for all profiles

  • Refs # 5373 Type Bugg issue>80 MHz not in use when country is EU

comments: 80 MHz now Works on EU profile

  • Refs # 5650 Type Software Development issue>new bcm Release 4.16L02A

comments: based on Release 4.16L02A

- iopsys Version 3.0.6[edit]

  • Refs # 5549 Type Bugg issue>3.X Software can only create two vlans that can route traffic

comments: Fixed bug with more than 2 vlans failing

  • Refs # 5562 Type Software Development issue>New partition layout

comments: New rootfs has been added

  • Refs # 5563 Type Bugg issue>Reliability test --- Power cycle 2000 times, wl1 fail 4 times

comments: reboot test failure rate fix added(test 2000 times, 4 times fail, fail rate0.2%)

- iopsys Version 3.0.5[edit]

  • Refs # 5423 Type Bugg issue>DECT issues in 3.0.3. cannot do outgoing calls

comments: Fixed So that Dect can no do outgoing calls without crashing asterisk.

- iopsys Version 3.0.4[edit]

  • Refs # 5426 Type Software Development issue>Basic support for CATV module.

comments: Rudimentary support for CATV module added.

  • Refs # 5454 Type Software Development issue>Fcache support on wl1

comments: Fcache has been fixed on wl1.

  • Refs # 5455 Type Software Development issue>Support for 4 mac address on cg300

comments: Cg300 no supports using 4 mac addresses

- iopsys Version 3.0.3[edit]

  • Refs # 5420 Type Bugg issue>Cg300 Voice Board Configuration (0-0)  : NOSLIC

comments: CFE no supports DECT_ONLY option to better comply with previous 2.4 cg300 softwares

  • Refs # 5421 Type Bugg issue>Wireless 2.4GHz card gives very poor performance if BCM43602 5GHz card is also on board

comments: fixed by adding wlctl -i wl1 fcache 0. Will have a more permanent fix when broadcom fixes it in driver

  • Refs # 5424 Type Software Development issue>audio distribution function

comments: alsa libraries added plus usb audio support

  • Refs # 5425 Type Software Development issue>mini dlna removed to save room will be re added later

comments: minidlna is now removed

- iopsys Version 3.0.1[edit]

  • Refs # 5235 Type Bugg issue>bcm4_16 igmp proxie does not start

comments: Fixed issue with igmp proxy not starting

- iopsys Version 3.0.0[edit]

  • Refs # 5205 Type Software Development issue>Moving to brcm 4.16

comments: Moving to brcm 4.16 First release based on 4.16L02 from broadcom

- iopsys Version 2.4.12[edit]

  • Refs # 6449 Type Bugg issue>CWMP: Service stops functioning after 'layer2_interface start'

comments: fixed was bad socket handeling

  • Refs # 6574 Type Bugg issue>CPE will not keep SIP password when upgrading to 2.4.12RC3 from 2.4.0RC6

comments: Fixed lost SIP password after upgrade issue

- iopsys Version 2.4.11[edit]

  • Refs # 4644 Type Feature request issue>VoIP codecs ILBC, G723,GSM

comments: Implemented support for codec's - ILBC - G726 - GSM

  • Refs # 4647 Type Bugg issue>openvpn using wrong ifconfig to change routing table => OpenVPN fails

comments: openvpn no uses right ifconfig

- iopsys Version 2.4.9[edit]

  • Refs # 5928 Type Bugg issue>CWMP: poor performance

comments: cwmp client responds faster to the ACS

- iopsys Version 2.4.8[edit]

  • Refs # 5927 Type Software Development issue>update bcmkernel package: EN 300 328 V1.8.1 Electromagnetic compatibility

comments: update bcmkernel package: EN 300 328 V1.8.1 Electromagnetic compatibility

- iopsys Version 2.4.7[edit]

  • Refs # 5534 Type Bugg issue>MAC address allocation on DSL interfaces

comments: IPV6 was generating requests on network on devices that where not configured generating extra mac address in arp tables in access equipment.

  • Refs # 5609 Type Software Development issue>Changing password does not requre knowing old password.

comments: Old password must now be known to update password

  • Refs # 5613 Type Software Development issue>Add support for new SLIC used in DG150A-R1 (and other future products)

comments: support for Si3217x-B-Vanguard slic added

  • Refs # 5812 Type Software Development issue>support for new Tr069 objects

comments: Delivery 12 13 14 15 added support for new tr-069 parameters

- iopsys Version 2.4.4[edit]

  • Refs # 5497 Type Bugg issue>Call Log GUI (cancel)

comments: call from web gui stops after 45 secounds

- iopsys Version 2.4.3[edit]

  • Refs # 5213 Type Bugg issue>HTT:P505 "Webpage can not be displayed"

comments: Bad page fixed on voice settings

  • Refs # 5465 Type Bugg issue>Upload in Sounds section

comments: Upload in sound section was not showing any files

  • Refs # 5466 Type Feature request issue>Upload button for Sounds section

comments: Upload button for sound is added

  • Refs # 5467 Type Bugg issue>Tone Selections in IVR

comments: ivr editing is now supported

  • Refs # 5475 Type Bugg issue>Voice LED

comments: Fixed issue with voice led on PBX software

- iopsys Version 2.4.1[edit]

  • Refs # 5096 Type Feature request issue>A-number presentation internal call.


  • Refs # 5192 Type Software Development issue>The CPE must have a back-off function in case of registration problems, not to flood the registrar with SIP register.

comments: SIP register back-off feature added

- iopsys Version 2.4.0[edit]

  • Refs # 3539 Type Bugg issue>DTMF tones not working

comments: DTMF handling has been updated and can now handle more complex dtmf patterns.

  • Refs # 3780 Type Bugg issue>DHCP renews triggering 6rd interface up/down flaps

comments: DHCP renew causing 6relayd service to restart issue has been fixed

  • Refs # 3840 Type Software Development issue>LTE_Fallaback

comments: Multiwan with smart fail over between interfaces is now implemented.

  • Refs # 4145 Type Feature request issue>WIFI: Force Automatic Channel Selection

comments: A button has been introduced on wifi page that will force a scan of wifi network.

  • Refs # 4371 Type Feature request issue>Possibility to choose between Call Back/Busy Tone on busy extension

comments: Support for local call back busy subscriber added Call waiting is now configured per line

  • Refs # 4376 Type Bugg issue>R-button does not work for DECT phones

comments: DECT support for R, R0, R1, R2 and R3 added

  • Refs # 4646 Type Bugg issue>VoIP Codec priority change G711ALaw, G711uLaw, G729

comments: voice codec order changed 1. G711ALaw 2. G711uLaw 3. G729

  • Refs # 4688 Type Bugg issue>Transfer still triggers when pressing the #

comments: # will not trigger transfer anymore

  • Refs # 4726 Type Bugg issue>SIP account password lost when deactivation

comments: User will now be reminded about missing password when enabling a sip account. The reason why passwords must be re-entered for disabled accounts is that the configured password is cleared when asterisk configuration is written. This is done for security, avoiding unneccessary storage of cleartext passwords.

  • Refs # 4727 Type Software Development issue>add being able to tie asterisk to a interface

comments: asterisk can now be tied to a specific interface.

  • Refs # 4775 Type Software Development issue>please add to asterisk.conf

comments: mindtmfduration has been added to asterisk conf.

  • Refs # 4833 Type Bugg issue>Voice client configuration issue for Telia account

comments: Fixed issue with incorrect domain in SIP REGISTER

  • Refs # 4914 Type Bugg issue>DTMF signaling from DECT handset not working

comments: DTMF signaling from DECT handset is now supported using 2833 and sip info. Inband will be added later.

  • Refs # 5058 Type Software Development issue>Make a page under status that list all installed packets. also add it to dump log command

comments: Status page now can also list all installed packets

- iopsys Version 2.3.12[edit]

  • Refs # 4554 Type Feature request issue>Add support for L2TP

comments: L2TP support added

  • Refs # 4628 Type Software Development issue>Backported slic from 4.12 to fix FXS1 port not working on some DG301 hardware

comments: Slic is now at 4.12 version To fix this issue

- iopsys Version 2.3.11[edit]

  • Refs # 4216 Type Software Development issue>if you get a LAN range from WAN dhcp server then change LAN range

comments: Shift LAN IP range if it collides with WAN IP range

  • Refs # 4441 Type Feature request issue>Firewall rules for Mgmn hidden for user account

comments: Hide checkbox is added to Firewall - Traffic Rules page for selected firewall rules to be hidden from user 'user'. Hidden rules as well as Hide checkbox itself is not visible to user 'user' User/User login from Wan-side blocked. Tab "physical settings" removed when logged in as User.

  • Refs # 4502 Type Bugg issue>Patch heartbleed vulnerability

comments: Security fix for CVE-2014-0160 (Heartbleed) vulnerability

  • Refs # 4510 Type Bugg issue>Issues when running sysupgrade script from console

comments: running sysupgrade from console sometimes resulted in CFE counter not being updated or upgrade failing has been fixed by forcing sysupgrade to always run from /

  • Refs # 4536 Type Bugg issue>FXS1 port not working on some DG301 hardware

comments: FXS1 port not working on some DG301 hardware Related to timings when starting slic fixed with a workaround.

- iopsys Version 2.3.9[edit]

  • Refs # 4214 Type Software Development issue>change mac range from 10 to 8 in CFE

comments: Ensure that we configure the correct amount of mac addresses per cpe.

  • Refs # 4302 Type Software Development issue>Intergrate New freecwmp Version with support for new parameters

comments: New Parameters are now supported .Layer2Bridging. object to create bridges .X_INTENO_SE_LoginCfg. Change password .X_INTENO_SE_IpAccCfg. Setup accsess rules .Time adding ntp server DeviceInfo.ModelName Was missing from handshake

  • Refs # 4315 Type Software Development issue>be able to switch boot bank

comments: CFE now supports bank switching via the reset button.

  • Refs # 4365 Type Software Development issue>https support for freecwmp

comments: https Support Now added use addcert to add new certificate. Web gui will added later

  • Refs # 4379 Type Bugg issue>Multicast stream stops after some time if IGMP querier IP address is same as LAN IP address

comments: A kernel hack has been added to be able support customers that use igmp Quiriers that have the same ip as our lab ex

  • Refs # 4412 Type Bugg issue>Vpn Nate Is not working

comments: Removed Nat helper for ipsec was not needed and messed up vpn pass trough.

  • Refs # 4413 Type Software Development issue>Support For VOD servers that use port 5055

comments: nf_conntrack_rtsp ports=554,5055 added

- iopsys Version 2.3.8[edit]

  • Refs # 4019 Type Bugg issue>SIP register fails after reboot

comments: luci voice and pbx packages are now mutually exclusive

- iopsys Version 2.3.6[edit]

  • Refs # 3962 Type Feature request issue>STUN

comments: Support to use STUN in asterisk for nat traversal.

  • Refs # 4015 Type Bugg issue>Slowblinking led on voice eventhough all lines are diables

comments: Led is no Turned of Until a Line has been enabled.

  • Refs # 4017 Type Bugg issue>ubus call asterisk status

comments: Added call for asterisk status to ami_tool

  • Refs # 4130 Type Software Development issue>chan_brcm: Remove brcm_event_handler thread

comments: Refactored chan_brcm to remove a polling thread

  • Refs # 4308 Type Bugg issue>cfe does not clear sequence numbers

comments: CFE does not use the in-ram cache of sequence numbers. This fixes booting issues from other software.

- iopsys Version 2.3.4[edit]

  • Refs # 4006 Type Bugg issue>asterisk hangs when starting on dg150 when running iopsys

comments: Fixed asterisk crash on dg150.

  • Refs # 4290 Type Software Development issue>makeing xdsl blinking scheme more inline with old

comments: Dsl LEd now blinks according to the old scheme.

- iopsys Version 2.3.3[edit]

  • Refs # 4248 Type Bugg issue>Dect outgoing call crash

comments: Fixed outgoing call crash. Fixed no sound issue. Fix for call termination on called line.

  • Refs # 4261 Type Bugg issue>Dynamic DNS related processes stay alive even if disabled or deleted in ddns config

comments: Disabling or deleting DDNS via WebGUI results in killing related processes

  • Refs # 4277 Type Bugg issue>Windows 7 doesn't prompt WPS push button even if WPS is enabled

comments: WPS configuration method has been modified to trigger WPS push button prompt on Windows 7

  • Refs # 4279 Type Software Development issue>unload sip and h323 alg

comments: nf_conntrack_sip and nf_nat_sip are not included in the standard build anymore

  • Refs # 4280 Type Bugg issue>IPv6 ULA Removed

comments: IPv6′s equivalent of IPv4′s “private” addresses. Default enabled was removed because of windows 8 issues.

- iopsys Version 2.3.1[edit]

  • Refs # 4266 Type Software Development issue>Slim down minidlna to save size from file system

comments: minidlna uses libffmpeg-mini instead of libffmpeg-full

  • Refs # 4270 Type Bugg issue>freecwmp does not start

comments: freecwmp cache will now start on bootup.

  • Refs # 4271 Type Bugg issue>Box randomly freezes sometimes.

comments: Fixed By forcing broadcom tools to only use broadcoms C libraries.

- iopsys Version 2.3.0[edit]

  • Refs # 2351 Type Software Development>Supports SIP TCP and UDP transport (24H)

SIP TLS and sip TCP now supported

  • Refs # 3685 Type Software Development>Add support for OpenVPN packages/modules (AA)

Support For openvpn has been added

  • Refs # 3712 Type Software Development>investigate ipv6 port openings

Support to add Ipv6 Access rules for ipv6 networks

  • Refs # 3785 Type Feature request>Create Power Management page under System tab

Now possible to setup power management on CPU Speed(Keeps CPU in sleep state without spinning) and Ethernet ports

  • Refs # 3787 Type Software Development>Get SierraWireless LTE module working with iopsys

Now Sierra Wireless MC7710 and MC7304 are supported by iopsys

  • Refs # 3857 Type Feature request>Multiwan support

Support To have several uplink devices and load balance or failover between devices depending on uplink status. Se for more documentation

  • Refs # 3867 Type Software Development>Add 4G support to netifd and webgui (handle all types of usb dongles qmi, ether, ncm etc.)

Tested and added support for SierraWireless M7710 SierraWireless M7304 Vodafone K5150 Huawei E367/398 Huawei E3276 Huawei E353

  • Refs # 3984 Type Feature request>Add chan_sip event on register state

Fix For sometimes missing reg state and then not creating dialtone

  • Refs # 4023 Type Software Development>Add serial number in status page

Status page no has new field referencing serial number of device.

  • Refs # 4077 Type Bugg>SIOCGMIIPHY : Invalid swPort: 16

Fixed by patching snmp deamon it was accessing a broadcom device in that caused this message.

  • Refs # 4125 Type Bugg>LEDs off during bootup

Power led turned of during part of the boot

  • Refs # 4259 Type Software Development>Ice Client added to default build

Iopsys Communication Engine client ice-client - 2.9.1-RC1_2014-03-03-17-56-33_inteno-RC1 has been added to default build. Enabling iopsys cloud store to dynamically add and remove packages and administrate the device.

  • Refs # 4260 Type Software Development>Ipsec Acceleration and support

Support ipsec openswan and utilize the acceleration possible in the broadcom hardware

  • Refs # 4263 Type Software Development>failsafe is added

Possible to enter failsafe mode during boot. To be able to edit things before overlay is loaded.

  • Refs # 4264 Type Software Development>Support For Second Wifi

Support For second Wifi 2.4 or 5G for ex Multicast.

- iopsys Version 1.0.0[edit]

  • Refs # 2550 Type Bugg issue>Ethernet disconnect/board parameter configuration

comments: asasd